Herberger Business School Internship Program

Requirements to Receive Grade


To receive a grade for the internship course, students must submit the following assignments to the course D2L site for each semester of their internship:

  1. Week-by-week duties
  2. Written report (see guidelines below)
  3. Student Internship Evaluation

All assignments must be submitted to D2L no later than the Friday prior to finals week for fall and spring semesters or the Friday prior to the last week classes for summer session. See course D2L site for exact date.

If all assignments are not submitted by the deadline, a grade of Unsatisfactory will be issued.


The guidelines for the paper differ slightly depending on whether you were a full-time or part-time intern.

Before submitting your paper, please review and follow the HBS Proofreading Guide.


Internships are graded as Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory and do not impact GPA, but do impact Credit Completion Rate.

If a student terminates their internship prior to completing the internship or if the student is terminated from the internship, a grade of Unsatisfactory will be issued. If there are extenuating circumstances, please contact the Internship Coordinator.

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