Herberger Business School Internship Program

Undergraduate Students Internship Overview

The Herberger Business School now offers both full-time (Internship) and part-time (Field Experience) work experiences to students for academic credit. (NOTE: Part-time work experiences done for credit are not available to FIRE majors.) Both involve competitive job searches much like what a student will face when searching for that first permanent job after graduation. Our hope is that these work experiences will not only provide an immediate educational benefit to each student participating, but will also give students the confidence needed to be the best possible candidate for whatever job is sought after graduation.

In addition, we hope that employers will benefit from the knowledge and enthusiasm that students bring to the work place. We are grateful to all employers and organizations which have participated in the past, and we welcome new employers regardless of size, industry or location.

For purposes of this web site, both full-time and part-time work experiences will be called "internships." When registration takes place, students doing full-time work will register for the Internship class (444), and students doing part-time work will register for the Field Experience class (344). There are different requirements for these two unique work experiences - so check the web site out carefully!

Undergraduate Students: