Department of Economics


These off-campus learning and work opportunities earn credits and connect course work to the real world while deepening students' understanding of economics' role in the world.

The work we've done ...

Eric Marshall

Eric Marshall

Where he works: "I currently work as a Commercial Credit Analyst for Stearns Bank N.A. where I underwrite conventional, Small Business Administration (SBA) and Farm Service Agency (FSA) loans."

What he learned: "It is my job as a credit analyst to assess the 5 “Cs” of credit; known as the borrower’s character, capacity, capital, condition and collateral. I review files and develop reports on potential borrowers. This aids in the decision making process to extend credit to the borrower. I specialize in agricultural underwriting due to my extensive background in the area, having worked on a dairy farm for over eight years. A large portion of what is learned in the classroom from microeconomic principals such as market structure and the general macroeconomic environment have influenced the reports I have developed and also the overall decision to extend credit.."

His advice to students: "Every day at work should present you with an opportunity to learn something new. Your ultimate goal should be to focus on your continuous growth and improvement. Take the extra initiative to set yourself apart from your peers and success will surely follow."

Picture of Kelly Zins.

Kelly Zins

What she learned: “I have always been passionate about music and the music business and found through my internship with Warner Music Nashville that this is what I want to do as a career.  … I learned teamwork, flexibility and communication. .. I learned to help put together events to promote our artists to country radio, created and updated marketing plans for our artists and maintained the master schedule of their calendars.”

Her advice to students: “Take in every experience and opportunity as you can! It will set you apart from your peers if you are going above and beyond what is expected of you, and it is fun!"

Finding an internship

Students interested in an internship should contact internship director Kristy Modrow, kkmodrow@stcloudstate as early as possible to apply for the program. Check out ECON 444 in the catalog for the course requirements. A maximum of three credits may be applied to the major's elective credits with others applying as general electives.