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About Our Internship Program

Economics students intern at for profit and nonprofit agencies in data analytics, finance, banking, research, forecasting, and risk management. Interns earn academic credit towards degree completion, gain exposure to real-world problems, and increase their marketability to employers.

Students are not placed in internships, but develop and practice job seeking skills by applying and interviewing for internship positions. Internships must be approved in advance.

Internship Coordinator: Kristy Modrow
Phone: (320) 308-6080

Note: Graduate students will work with their faculty advisor to determine practicum requirements (see below). 

Take in every experience and opportunity as you can! It will set you apart from your peers if you are going above and beyond what is expected of you, and it is fun!

Economics intern

Internship requirements

An employment letter on letterhead is required with a description of duties/responsibilities. Internship duties cannot be the same as duties performed for current employer. Special projects may be considered. 

Please see the internship process below for additional guidelines and internship approval process.


The Numbers

Undergraduate students may completed an internship for a maximum 16 credits; three credits may be applied to the major's elective credits with others applying as general electives. 

3 credits 
160 hours per semester
Most ECON internships are 3 credits

Internship Process

Past internship sites

Graduate-level internships

Graduate students will work with their faculty advisor to determine practicum requirements. 


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