Department of Economics

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Applying for Graduation

  • Economics Undergraduate Students

          Apply for graduation one semester prior to the term you expect to be completed with all degree requirements. See the Undergraduate graduation checklist.

  • Applied Economics Graduate Students

          Apply during the first four weeks of the semester you intend to graduate.
          Failure to submit the application by the deadline will result in a delay in reviewing and processing your graduation. See the Graduate graduation checklist.
          Note: All graduate students must be registered for at least one graduate level credit in the term in which they intend to graduate. 
                    For more information see the Graduate Enrollment Policy (pdf).

  • Data Analytics Certificate Students

          Complete and submit the Application for Graduate Certificate Completion form during the first four weeks of the semester you intend to graduate.

Tuition Cost

The cost of attendance, tuition & fees can help you calculate the financial resources needed for your education.

Policies and Forms

Interactive Degree Audit and Transfer

  • The Degree Audit Reporting System is a report shows all of the requirements needed to receive a degree, and which courses are used to satisfy those requirements.
  • Transfer students are encouraged to contact the School of Public Affairs' student relations director as soon as possible to discuss transfer into our programs.
  • Student are encouraged to use Transferology and to see how courses will transfer into our programs.

Support Services

Many people and programs can assist you at St. Cloud State. Check out the academic and student support services we offer.