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Welcome to the St. Cloud State University Policy Page. This site is intended to provide access to policies and associated procedures that govern the St. Cloud State University community and tools to update our policy infrastructure. We hope you find it helpful.

Policy Document Management System

The Policy Document Management System (PDMS or Policy Hub) is a comprehensive, centralized repository for the proposal, development, implementation, and review of policy at St. Cloud State University. It provides a means for constituents and community members to more easily propose policy or search for existing policy.

Each approved active policy has an invitation at the end for users to provide comments or suggestions. New or significantly revised policies are also available to individuals with a starID while they are still in draft. We call this feedback period "Pending" and it lasts for four weeks. The campus is notified about Pending policies through the St. Cloud State TODAY and the Husky Howler e-newsletters. These newsletters also provide notification when new or significantly revised policies are approved.

In addition to providing feedback, you can also propose new policies. To provide comments or propose a new policy, it is preferred that you login to the PDMS with your starID and password. Individuals (including those without a starID) may also provide comments or proposals by contacting the Policy Office directly.

To contact the Policy Office, please email


Student Consumer Information

Links to data required to be reported or disclosed under the Higher Education Act (1965) and amended by the Higher Education Opportunity Act (2008).

Data Privacy and Data Practices

An outline of St. Cloud State University's compliance with the Government Data Practices Act, including information about how St. Cloud State protects, handles, and manages data.

Frequently Asked Questions

Information about St. Cloud State University policies and procedures and answers to common policy questions.

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