St. Cloud State University Policies & Procedures

Data Practices Contact Information

Data Practices Compliance Official

Judith Siminoe
Special Advisor to the President

320-308-2122 | AS 200

Responsible Authority

Robbyn Wacker

320-308-2122 | AS 200

Data Practices Designee(s)

Academic Affairs Records

Daniel Gregory
Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs (Interim)

320-308-3143 | AS 209

Affirmative Action Records

Kimberly Johnson
Office Manager

320-308-5123 | AS 121

Athletic Records

Heather Weems
Director of Athletics

320-308-3102 | HaH 329

Business Records (including payroll)

Jeff Wagner
Director of Business Services

320-308-4289 | AS 205

Campus Recreation, Sports Facilities and Intramural Sports Records

Calvin Diggs
Director of Campus Recreation

320-308-5276 | SRC160D

Career Center Records

Michelle Schmitz
Executive Director

320-308-2151 | CH 215

Child Care Center Records

Martina Juvera-Paul
Infant Teacher - Lindgren Child Care Center

320-308-3296 | ECC 122

Enrollment Records

Jason Woods
Vice President for Strategic Enrollment Management

320-308-5455 | AS 207C

Facilities (Buildings and Grounds) Records

Mark Hedlund
Building Services Manager

320-308-4075 | MB

Finance and Administration Records

Tressa Constantineau Ries
Vice President for Finance and Administration

320-308-2286 | AS 205

Financial Aid Records

Mike Uran
Director of Financial Aid

320-308-2047 | AS 106

Foundation, University Advancement Records

Matt Andrew
Vice President of University Advancement

320-308-4072 | Lewis House

International Studies Records

Shahzad Ahmad
Associate Vice President for International Studies (Interim)

320-308-4287 | LH 101

Personnel (Human Resources) Records

Angie Notch
Associate Human Resources Director

320-308-3321 | AS 204

Public Safety

David Schnettler
Campus Security Supervisor

320-308-4060 | Public Safety Department

Research and Sponsored Programs Records

Claudia Tomany
Associate Provost for Research and Dean of Graduate Studies

320-308-2126 | AS 121

Residential Life Records

Matthew Trombley
Executive Director of Atwood, Housing, and Retail Operations

320-308-4787 | AMC 110

Student Counseling Records

Nancy Rassier
Counseling and Psychological Services - Office Manager

320-308-3171 | SH 103

Student Health or Medical Records

Kim Ohmann
Medical Clinic - Associate Director

320-308-4872 | Eastman Hall - 2nd Floor

Student Records

Brenda Zamlen
Records and Registration - Associate Registrar

320-308-4938 | AS 118

Student Services Records (including Atwood Memorial Center)

Missy Dobmeier
Student Life and Development - Office Manager

320-308-3111 | AMC 110

University Communications Records

Kathryn Kloby
Associate Vice President for Strategic Communications

320-308-2104 | AS 207

University College Records

Stephanie Kroll
Academic Appeals & Probation Advisor

320-308-4913 | CH 210