Herberger Business School Internship Program

MBA Students

The MBA programs offers an internship course for students interested in gaining graduate-level industry experience for credit.

Based on HBS’s academic policy, students can only participate in three semesters of internship courses OR 3 credits, whichever comes first (see the information below regarding the maximum internship policy and choosing the number of credits).

Choosing the Number of Credits:

Only 3 internship credits can be counted toward the MBA degree. Therefore, MBA students should use the following advice when selecting how many credits to enroll in:

  • One Semester Only: Students who are completing an internship in only one semester should enroll in 3 credits for that semester. By choosing this option, students will use all of their credits in one semester and will not be eligible for additional internship credits/semester.
  • Multiple Semesters: Students participating in an internship that extends over multiple semesters may choose to enroll in only 1 credit per semester (for a maximum of 3 credits over three semesters). NOTE: See the Maximum Internship Policy below.

Maximum Internship (and CPT) Policy:

MBA students are only allowed to enroll in a maximum THREE internship semesters OR 3 credits (whichever comes first) according to HBS policy.

Once the maximum has been reached, students are no longer eligible for an internship course.

International Students Only: Since the internship course is the only HBS course that requires CPT, international students can only receive CPT for a maximum of THREE semesters. Please keep this in mind as you plan your credits and academic courses.

Additional Details: