Medical Technology Quality (M.S.)



Complete admission and program requirements are found in the University Catalog.


The MTQ Part-Time program is designed for those who working in the industry or with daytime obligations that conflict with completing an internship.

The two-year, 33-credit program offers two courses in the fall and spring semesters, one course in the summer semester and a culminating project. 

Courses are offered on Saturday mornings and weekday evenings to meet the schedule needs of working professionals.

The culminating project is completed in a medical device company. Students apply what they have learned in their course work to complete a real medical technology project — typically a technology submission or technology compliance project. 

Program Track

Year 1

Fall Semester

  • MTQ-620 Medical Device Quality & Regulatory Fundamentals, 3 cr.
  • MTQ-626 Medical Technology Quality Systems, 3 cr.

Spring Semester

  • MTQ-622 Quality Engineering, 3 cr.
  • MTQ-628 Design Control and Product Development, 4 cr.

Summer Semester

  • MTQ-624 Risk Management, 3 cr.

Year 2

Fall Semester

  • MTQ-630 Design Verification, Validation & Clinical Evaluation, 3 cr.
  • MTQ- 632 Manufacturing Process Development & Validation, 3 cr.

Spring Semester

  • MTQ-634 Corrective Action & Prevenative Action (CAPA), 3 cr.
  • MTQ-636 Process Control & Monitoring
  • MTQ-698 Culminating Project Experience, 1 cr.

Summer Semester

  • MTQ-638 Supplier Development & Management, 3 cr.
  • MTQ-698 Culminating Project Experience, 1 cr.