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Become a part of ENCQR now, a student organization for the Emerging Network of Clinical, Quality and Regulatory professionals. 

Please feel free to register using Huskies Connect

We are happy to announce our new core committee:

  • ENCQR Organization Advisor – Will Collis- Prather
  • President –Torana Khubalkar(MTQ)
  • Vice President – Sheila Oluchi Iteghete(ACR)
  • Treasurer – Billy Nduwimana Siyomvo(MTQ)
  • Secretary – Swati Kotamraju(RAS)
  • Secretary – Brenda Robles Espinosa (ACR)
  • Event Manager– Karthiha Ramalingum (ACR)
  • Career Outreach Committee Co-chair – Sateesh Kyasaram(RAS)
  • Career Outreach Committee Co-chair – Varsha Jainapur(MTQ)
  • Membership Committee Chair – Gunjan Suda(ACR)

Values of being a part of ENCQR member:
• Develop you network of Clinical, Quality and Regulatory professionals
• Make connections directly with company representatives 

  • Take advantage of all the professional development events
  • Get an opportunity to learn for the Alumni on how to be successful
  • Make sure you are part of the fun events to relieve stress from school and work

Torana Khubalkar, President ENCQR

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