Applied Education in the MedTech Industry

Frequently Asked Questions

Admission and application

What is the deadline for applying to the master’s program?

You can start your application at any time.  

  • With a part-time program of study path, admitted students can start in any semester (Fall - August, Spring - January, or Summer - May)
  • With a full-time program of study path, admitted students can start in Fall - August or Spring - January but need to apply much earlier to secure their spot.  

Find specific deadlines for each program:

How do I submit my application?

Applications can be accessed and submitted through St. Cloud State University’s online application platform.

Do you accept applications from international Students?

All MedTech programs accept applications from international students, deadlines for international students outside the United States are different. See links below for appropriate deadlines:


What are the requirements for applying for the master’s program?

All MedTech programs require a bachelor’s degree in the sciences or related field and GRE is not required. Find each program in the University Catalog for detailed requirements:

I do not have work experience; can I still apply?

Three years of work experience is recommended but recent graduates may be considered.

Is WES evaluation required for international transcripts-admissions?

See transcript requirements for international applicants.

Is TOEFL required to apply?

Tuition and cost

What are the tuition costs for the MS degrees?

See tuition and fees under Tuition Details - Tuition per Credit.

Are there any scholarships or financial assistance available to students in the program?

There is an Association of Medical Diagnostics Manufacturers Scholarship. Additional scholarship opportunities are available through Huskies Scholarships.

Typically, scholarships start to be identified in January.

Graduate assistantships

Does the program offer any graduate assistantships?

Yes, graduate assistantships are available to all admitted students in the MedTech programs for both fall and spring semesters.

How do I apply for graduate assistantships?

Graduate Assistant application documents are emailed to all qualifying students before the start of the semester. To qualify and receive an email, a student must be admitted to one of the MedTech programs by June 1st (for Fall start) and by November 1st (Spring start).

Application documents must be returned to the MedTech office by the noted deadline (with resume and cover letter) to be considered. 

Credits and classes

Is this program available online in its entirety or is it a hybrid program?

All MedTech programs have two paths to graduation (to earn a masters degree):

  • With a Plan B (culminating project) program of study path, students that reside in the US can complete their program by attending courses in Plymouth, MN or attending live lectures via distance learning platforms.
  • With a Plan C (internship) program of study path, students complete their program by attending courses in Plymouth, MN and then completing an internship. St. Cloud State hosts an annual career fair with employers from the Plymouth, MN and surrounding communities that offer internships to our MedTech graduate students.

How long is the master’s program and how many credits are required to graduate?

Each MedTech program is designed so that individuals can earn a masters degree in two years.

Full-time students can earn dual credentials with an additional year of study.

See catalog graduation requirements for number of credits for each program:

What if I travel for work?

Part-time program students that are required to travel within the US for work have a distance learning option with access to an internet connection. When this happens, simply consult with your faculty member with advance notice so that the connection can be confirmed prior to the start of class.