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Cost of Attendance

Undergraduate Costs of Attendance

At St. Cloud State, we believe in your ability to unlock the unique potential of all students. That’s why we are offering the Be A Husky Rate to all admitted, undergraduate out-of-state, North Dakota, and South Dakota Huskies. This award automatically reduces tuition costs for students coming to St. Cloud State from other states.

St. Cloud State’s flat-rate tuition allows full-time undergraduate students taking 12-18 credits to pay one flat rate for their tuition. In that 12-18 credit band, students can take more credits without paying more tuition, increasing their ability to graduate on time. Fees vary at different credit loads. Business Services handles the billing and tuition process. You can find a breakdown of tuition by credit hour here.

The chart below shows estimated Fall 2024, Spring 2025, and Summer 2025 costs based on 12-18 credits per semester for a student living on campus with a Husky Anytime Meal Plan

Minnesota and Reciprocity (WI and Manitoba) Resident (estimated at FT undergraduate 15 credits per semester)

Per Semester In State Per Year Out of State Per Year North Dakota
Tuition $4,406  $8,812 $18,696 $9,273
Fees $717 $1,434 $1,434 $1,434
*Be a Husky Rate NA NA ($9,884) ($461)
Tuition and Fees Total $5,123 $10,246 $10,246 $10,246
Housing and Meal Plan $5,298 $10,596 $10,596 $10,596
Books and Supplies $700 $1,400 $1,400 $1,400
Transportation $698 $1,396 $1,396 $1,396
Personal Expenses $788 $1,576 $1,576 $1,576
Federal Loan Fees (average) $46 $92 $92 $92
Total: $12,653 $25,306 $25,306 $25,306


Non-Resident (estimated at FT undergraduate 15 credits per semester)

Per Semester Per Year
Tuition $9,348  $18,696
Student Fees $717 $1,434
Housing and food (median rate) $5,298 $10,596
Books and supplies $700 $1,400
Transportation $1,026 $2,052
Personal Expenses $1,013 $2,026
Federal Loan Fees (average) $46 $92
Total: $18,148 $36,296

Living with parents will reduce budget by $2975 per semester. For more information on student fees scroll down to Student Fees and Explanation.

*Note: Based on estimated rates for the next academic year and subject to change without notice. Costs do not include estimates for all the available tuition rates or tuition rate and fee combinations. See the tuition details below to calculate the cost of tuition and fees for your graduate program.

Graduate Costs of Attendance

Resident and Non-resident Costs