Financial Aid Office

Mission and Vision


To keep student success central while providing the highest level of service, and equal opportunity in the awarding of funds to all SCSU students. We increase opportunities for access and affordability by providing accurate financial information, and individualized guidance and support for students and families in an environment which embraces teamwork and collaborative partnership.


The SCSU Financial Aid Office will be a leader at the institution by providing faster, friendlier, and easier financial aid experiences. We seek to create a culture of care and to deliver resources that allow all students the opportunity for education through an ongoing commitment to our values: innovation, transparency, and dignity.


The Financial Aid Office strives to take risks, encourage curiosity and new ideas, learn from mistakes, and constantly strive to exceed expectations. Through innovation, the office will be better equipped to provide the highest levels of service to an ever-growing technological student population. 

The Financial Aid Office provides services to the institution and beyond with the intent to create clarity, trust, and accountability.

The Financial Aid Office recognizes the importance of creating a personal sense of worth, value, respect, or esteem that is derived from one’s humanity and individual social position; as well as being treated respectfully by others.

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