Financial Aid Office

Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal Process

Minimum Satisfactory Academic Progress Standards

To measure your progress, the Financial Aid Office will evaluate your academic record each semester by reviewing your cumulative GPA, credit completion rate, and the number of credits you have earned compared to the published length of your program.  To maintain satisfactory academic progress, you must meet all of the following requirements:

Cumulative Grade Point Average and Percentage of Credits Completed

Grade Point Average (GPA) - Qualitative Measure

Credit Completion Rate (CCR) and Maximum Time Frame - Quantitative Measure

Additional Policy Information

Evaluation Period

A student’s progress is determined three times each year after fall, spring, and summer semester grades are recorded. All prior terms of attempted enrollment are considered when determining satisfactory academic progress regardless of whether aid was awarded for the term.

Failure to Meet Standards



Notification of Status and Appeal Results

Reinstatement of Financial Aid

Treatment of Grades and Credits


See University Policies for all additional academic requirements.