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University College

Academic Appeals and Probation Office

210 Centennial Hall
Phone: (320) 308-4913

Academic Appeals and Probation Office

Academic Status

Academic Warning

Students on Academic Warning may continue attending the university. 

Carefully read and follow the email you received. 

Make necessary adjustments to your schedule with the advice of your advisor.

Academic Suspension

Academic suspension is for one or two semesters.

If you are suspended, you may not be enrolled in courses.

If there were extenuating circumstances that led to the suspension, you may appeal to return. The email sent to you by this office explains your options and gives you links and instructions. 

A student whose appeal is approved will be placed on probation. 

Academic Probation

Students returning from a one-semester or one-year suspension are on academic probation. 

Before returning, you must meet with an academic advisor to create an Academic Success Plan.

You will remain on academic probation until you are in good standing. In many cases this takes more than one semester. 

If you achieve at least a 2.3 grade point average for the term and a term credit completion rate of 100 percent (grades of A, B, C, D, not F, W, or I), you may remain on probation.

If good standing or continued probation is not achieved, you will be suspended again.

Change in Academic Status during a Semester or Term

There are times when your academic record may change after the academic holds are placed. This might be due to a late grade or a grade change, for example.

If this change is reflected in eServices, contact our office. We will review your academic record and let you know what we find.

Returning After a Completed Suspension

If you choose to sit out your suspension, you may return when it is complete.

Follow the instructions in the email regarding returning or contact our office by email, phone, or in person.

Do this mid-way through your final semester of suspension — March or October.

Assistance and Resources

Academic Advising Appointment Scheduling

Advisors in three areas serve as a first point of contact for students who are working to return to a status of good academic standing. 

Student Academic and Service Resources

Financial Aid After Academic Suspension

Although students returning from academic suspension are eligible to enroll in classes again, under federal regulations, their financial aid hold remains.


Those who wish to regain financial aid eligibility, can:

  • Attend St. Cloud State University, paying for their courses on their own until they regain full compliance with the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy. An advisor can help calculate how long it will take.
  • OR successfully appeal their financial aid suspension. Students can appeal based on: the death of a relative, an injury or illness of the student, or other extenuating circumstances.
    • A written appeal should be submitted to the Financial Aid Office for review. It must include:
      • An explanation of the circumstances that affected your progress, and
      • Appropriate supporting documentation, and
      • What has changed in your situation that will allow you to demonstrate satisfactory academic progress at the next evaluation.

Contact the Financial Aid Office with questions.