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Training Materials

Training on the platform is available through our small group sessions, and can also be arranged for individuals or departments interested in a training. Typical sessions last 30 minutes for an overview of platform features. Specific trainings on the campaign feature (which allows students to book appointments with you online within the day, time parameters you set) are offered each October and February to coincide with timely registration initiatives and the registration matrix. 

Individual training sessions can be requested by emailing with your available dates/times. Your assigned trainer will reach out to confirm your meeting. 

We encourage users to explore the Training Handouts available. Handouts include step-by-step instructions with screen shots of our most common platform functions, including: 

  • Searching for a Student
  • Contacting Students 
  • Responding to Progress Report Campaigns (early alerts)
  • Writing Advising Appointment Reports 
  • Syncing your Calendar with Navigate
  • Creating an Appointment Campaign (allowing students to schedule appointments online)

Progress Report Campaign Assistance: Jan. 27 - Feb. 18, 2022

Tech Support will be available in person and via Zoom. Dates/times TBD. 

Responding to Progress Report Campaigns

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