Financial Aid Office

Satisfactory Academic Progress

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) is defined as the successful completion of coursework toward an eligible certificate or degree. Federal regulations require the Financial Aid Office to monitor the academic progress of students receiving federal and/or state financial aid.

In addition to complying with the financial aid satisfactory academic progress policy, all students must also comply with the University’s Academic Warning, Suspension, Probation, Dismissal policy and procedure.

SAP Appeal Deadlines

A student's appeal must be submitted by the below date for consideration. Incomplete appeals will not be considered. If an appeal is submitted after the deadline, it will be considered for the following term.

Fall 2024

Satisfactory Academic Progress notifications will be sent out on August 12, 2024. 

Appeals are due by August 20, 2024. 

Appeal decision notifications will be emailed on August 23, 2024. Students who are suspended after Spring but are enrolled in Session 1 or Module A summer courses will be allowed to remain in those classes but will be financially responsible for them. Students who are denied their appeal and are still suspended will be dropped from their Second session or Module B Summer and all Fall 2024 courses.