Educational Administration and Leadership (Ed.D.)

Requirements and Details


Complete admission and program requirements are found in the University Catalog.

The Educational Administration and Leadership Ed.D. program begins a new cohort each fall semester. 

Priority Deadline

The priority deadline for applications is Jan. 15 with additional deadlines of March 15 and June 1. Applications will be reviewed and admission interviews conducted following each deadline date. Students applying for doctoral-level graduate assistantships and international students are strongly encouraged to apply by the Jan. 15 or March 15 deadlines. Applications received after June 1 will be considered on a space-available basis. Cohorts are planned for the St. Cloud campus in fall 2019 and St. Cloud State in Plymouth in fall of 2018, though location is subject to change. 

When applying for a doctoral program, the School of Graduate Studies serves as a liaison between the applicant and the doctoral program. Application materials should be sent to the School of Graduate Studies.

Once all application materials are received, Graduate Studies will forward materials to the doctoral program for review and an interview will be scheduled. Thereafter, an admission recommendation will be forwarded to Graduate Studies for a final decision and notification to the applicant.

In addition to the Graduate Studies admissions criteria. Requirements for the doctoral program include: 

  • Have a master’s degree in education or related field.
  • Hold an administrative licensure (preferred but not required) such as principal, superintendent, special education director or similar license.
  • Submit a professional writing essay. 

After the application deadline, those with complete applications will interview with doctoral program faculty. 

Competition for limited places in the EDAD program may require the necessity of a wait list. The wait list decision date is Aug. 15. 

EDAD EdD Supplemental Writing Essay - required at time of application

As part of the online application process, please upload in the writing sample feature an essay that is:

  • Three to five typed double spaced pages (12 point font).
  • Include citations for any sources used.

 Please respond to the questions below:

  • Discuss your professional career plans and aspirations.
  • Describe your current leadership skills and experiences in the pK-12 educational administration and leadership profession.
  • Provide examples of personal characteristics you possess that highlight your ability to succeed in a rigorous doctoral program?
  • How do you plan to balance your education with personal and employment obligations?


Doctor of Philosophy vs. Doctor of Education

Both a Ph.D. and Ed.D. are equal in rigor. The Ph.D. is research oriented, typically for careers as research scholars. The Ed.D. is practitioner oriented, and the theories and research is applied by professionals who work in the field. 

Prior Courses

Applying former credits

Prior credits may be applied to your doctor of education program. 

A maximum of 27 credits of professional, interdisciplinary or elective courses may be applied toward the doctoral program electives upon approval. This may include up to: 

  • 12 master's credits
  • 27 post-master's credits
  • 27 doctoral credits

Speak with your adviser during orientation or your first semester to determine which courses will apply toward your program electives. 

Taking early classes

Students cannot begin courses before the semester cohort begins. The program uses a cohort structure where students progress through the curriculum together. Courses from one semester prepare students for the next semester's courses, so it is not feasible to take courses before the cohort begins.  

Star ID 

Once you have registered you can activate your StarID. Your StarID allows you to access to the university’s Online Services. 

Course Sequence

The doctor of education in Educational Administration and Leadership is 72 credits in length. 


Fall Semester

Spring Semester

Summer Semester

Year One

EDAD 803 (3 Cr.)

EDAD 804 (3 Cr.)

EDAD 828 (3 Cr.)

EDAD 829 (3 Cr.)

EDAD 807 (3 Cr.)

EDAD 815 (3 Cr.)

Year Two

EDAD 824 (3 Cr.)

EDAD 827 (3 Cr.)

EDAD 821 (3 Cr.)

EDAD 806 (3 Cr.)

EDAD 823 (3 Cr.)

Year Three

EDAD 899 (6 Cr.)

EDAD 899 (6 Cr.)


*Note: Course sequence is subject to change.

*Note: Students also take professional/interdisciplinary elective courses (3-30 credits) that support their career goals and are established in consultation with their advisor. Up to 12 credits from a master's program and/or up to 27 credits of post-master's work such as licensure or doctoral courses from a previous institution may be accepted upon approval.

For information about courses, please visit Course Descriptions