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Project Lead The Way

Project Lead The Way helps students on local, state and national levels to develop the skills needed to succeed in the global economy.

Our faculty members provide a leadership role in Minnesota Project Lead The Way, by helping students develop science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) skills.

The Technology Education pre-service program provides opportunities for graduates to be certified in several Project Lead the Way courses.

University Credit for High School Students

High school students can earn university credits for completing high school Project Lead the Way courses. The cost is $100 for three semester credits. 

For non-St. Cloud State University students: Once issued the credit - student will need to transfer the credit to their school.  The program the student enrolls in will determine how the credits will be counted in the program.  Credits are non-refundable.

Generally, credits will be counted as university electives.  

St. Cloud State University will accept the Biomedical Courses at BIOL103 for the first course and BIOL104 for the second course completed in high school. - A Liberal Education Goal Area course for student enrolling at St. Cloud State. Contact the biology department for the course substitution once enrolled. 

For the 2020-2021 school year we are waiving the End of Course Assessment. A grade of B- or better is required. 

The application for credit is now online and payment is via credit card:

The deadline for processing applications:

  • All credits will be transcripted during the summer semester

Transcripts and Transfers

Office of Records and Registration provides information on transcripts and transfer of credits to other schools.  Transcripts can be ordered at: Transcripts in Student Registration 

Courses are awarded a grade of "S".

Graduate Credits / Professional Development for Teachers

St. Cloud State University is proud to partner with Project Lead The Way to develop a program to allow for earning graduate credit for taking and leading PLTW Professional Development Trainings.  This credit is available regardless of where the training is hosted, including the online training run through PLTW.


Registering for credits:

There are 2 options for registering for credits at St. Cloud State University.  Your long range plan will determine which is most appropriate. 

  1. Non-Degree Seeking Student:
  • This is the simples and quickest method to get into the SCSU system. This is designed for people looking to take a few courses but not complete a degree.  Here is a link to the form to complete.  A person is generally set up in the system within 2-3 days.  Link:
  • Additional information is available on the website of the link.
  • One item to note, you can’t apply for financial aid if you are not admitted to a program.
  • Once in the system you will be emailed information on how to register for courses.
  1. Admission to graduate program:
  • If you are interested in completing the master’s degree in addition to the PLTW credits or wish to apply for financial aid (student loans) you will need to be admitted to our Technology Education Master’s degree. This includes a letter of intent and 3 references (form for references to complete). 
  • Details on the admission process can be found at:
  • The complete graduate program and the courses required are listed on the next page. Additional information can be found on the website at:


For the graduate courses associated with the PLTW training (for both non-degree and degree seeking students), we have arranged for a special rate of $500 for 3 semester credits.  This rate only applies to the PLTW graduate credits.  All other graduate courses are at the normal rate.  Here is a link to tuition costs:

 Additional PLTW information can be found at:

 For more information or questions, please contact:

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Department Chair

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