Department of English

English 191

First-Year Composition (FYC) Program

Writing is a foundational skill upon which all education and knowledge is founded. Accordingly, students attending St. Cloud State University must satisfy the writing component for Goal Area One of the Liberal Education Program (LEP). Options to meet the LEP writing requirement are determined by test scores, intended program of study and a student’s course work prior to attending St. Cloud State.

Most students who begin their college careers at St. Cloud State complete the Goal Area One writing requirement by taking one of three four-credit courses: ENGL 190, 191, or 198. Students accepted into the Honors Program often take one of the honors First-Year Composition courses (HONS 160, 161, 163).

Students who transfer credit earned from previous institutions for an introductory writing course often complete the writing component by taking the two-credit ENGL 291. In some cases, students provide evidence from previous experiences that exempt them from the LEP writing requirement.

Exemption from FYC Courses

Students may be considered exempt from the Goal Area One writing requirement if they have:

  • Completed an associates degree.
  • Earned credit for equivalent coursework at another learning institution.
  • Scored a 4 or 5 on the Advanced Placement exam in language/literature.
  • Passed the ENGL 191 Exemption Exam.

Exemption allows students to bypass the requirement; it does not, however, grant that student credit for having taken a FYC course at St. Cloud State.

Course Placement

Placement in ENGL 191 and ENGL 198 requires students to earn one of the following test scores:

  • ACT English sub-score = 18 or above
  • ACT Reading sub-score = 21 or above
  • ACCUPLACER [link to testing] Reading Comprehension score = 78 or above

ENGL 191 is a general, FYC course that introduces students to effective writing processes and strategies by practicing rhetorical analysis and critical thinking. Assigned readings and writing assignments typically address academic and community-centered issues. The culminating project in the course is a researched argument.

ENGL 198 is the same course as ENGL 191 with the exception that it is focused on literature or other humanities-based texts.

For more information about ENGL 191 and 198, please contact FYC Director Dr. James Heiman.

Major-Specific first-year college courses

Students majoring in Art or Theatre who meet the previously listed test scores for ENGL 191 qualify to take ART 198 or TH 198, which is generally taught by a faculty member within that particular department and focuses on subjects related to the student’s major. ART 198 and TH 198 are equivalent to ENGL 191.

Placement in ENGL 190

Students who score below the previously listed test scores qualify for ENGL 190. This course has the same focus and assignments as ENGL 191, but it features both a smaller class size as well as a mandatory supplemental session (in even smaller groups) with a tutor from The Write Place. The supplemental session provides students with access to additional instruction to facilitate their personal success.

Students also enroll in Power Reading (COLL 120) during the fall or spring semester of the same academic year they take ENGL 190 [link to Husky Data sheet].

For more information about ENGL 190, please contact Write Place Director Dr. Carol Mohrbacher.

Placement in ENGL 291

Transfer students who only took the first of two required composition courses at a previous school usually take ENGL 291 to fulfill the Goal Area One writing requirement. In such cases, St. Cloud State assigns credit for the previous writing course as "ENGL 100," and grants the transfer student permission to enroll in ENGL 291. Some transfer students opt, instead, to take ENGL 191 or 198 to fulfill the St. Cloud State writing requirement; others take and pass the FYC Exemption Exam.

Incoming students who took the Advance Placement test and earned a score of 3 are eligible to take ENGL 291 as well.

For more information about ENGL 291, please contact FYC Coordinator John Grether.

Non-Native English Speakers

Non-native speakers of English who are not international students and earn a score below 55 on the ACCUPLACER Reading Comprehension test may be required to take the ACCUPLACER ESL Reading test, ACCUPLACER ESL Listening test, and the College Essay test to determine placement.

For more information, visit the English for Academic Purposes website or contact EAP Coordinator Julie Condon.