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English 191

First-Year Composition (FYC) Program

Writing is a foundational skill upon which all education and knowledge is founded. Accordingly, students attending St. Cloud State University must satisfy the writing component for Goal Area One of the Liberal Education Program (LEP). Options to meet the LEP writing requirement are determined by test scores, intended program of study and a student’s course work prior to attending St. Cloud State.

Most students who begin their college careers at St. Cloud State complete the Goal Area One writing requirement by taking one of three four-credit courses: ENGL 190, 191, or 198. Students accepted into the Honors Program often take one of the honors First-Year Composition courses (HONS 160, 161, 163).

Students who transfer credit earned from previous institutions for an introductory writing course often complete the writing component by taking the two-credit ENGL 291. In some cases, students provide evidence from previous experiences that exempt them from the LEP writing requirement.

Exemption from FYC Courses

Course Placement

Non-Native English Speakers

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