Department of English


Do you want to teach English in China, Kenya or anywhere you can imagine? To write across media or create what you hope to create? Interested in exploring how your writing can turn into careers in web development, grant writing, social media communications, or editing and publishing?

Are you looking for a place where you can reach with your imagination through cultures, across time and literary arts toward a vision of your own? Do you like Shakespeare, Toni Morrison, or hip-hop poetry? Do you want to be an English teacher, community college instructor, or writing center director and inspire another generation to become enthusiastic readers, writers, and thinkers?

The English Department creates opportunities to collaborate with others who share an interest in creativity and versatility with reading, writing, and the analysis and interpretation of issues. Our English majors and graduate students develop adaptable skills: researching efficiently and effectively, thinking critically, articulating ideas clearly and persuasively, and synthesizing large amounts of information quickly and accurately. Studies have shown over and over that these are precisely the qualities employers look for in the people they hire.

Quick Links

  • English 191

    New students to St. Cloud State University take the First Year Composition course or another appropriate alternative to fulfill their Goal Area One writing requirement. An exemption is allowed for students who pass the FYC Exemption Exam.
  • English for Academic Purposes

    English for Academic Purposes serves international students and U.S. residents and citizens who speak English as a secondary language.
  • Intensive English Center

    The Intensive English Center offers six levels of academic English language instruction for English language learners seeking to move on to a university degree program.