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Kaleidoscope is a literary and arts journal focusing on multiculturalism and diversity, published by the Write Place. Students, faculty and staff of SCSU may submit written work, photography or art. The journal is released in both print and digital versions at an annual kick-off event. For submission information and archived web issues of the publication, visit the Kaleidoscope website. 

The Upper Mississippi Harvest

The Upper Mississippi Harvest Literary and Art Magazine has been edited and produced annually by students through the English Department for more than 30 years. Harvest features poetry, short fiction, nonfiction and drama writing, photography, art and comic works by students at St. Cloud State.

Submission guidelines

Our submission deadline each year is Oct. 31. To be eligible for submission, you should be enrolled in at least one credit during any of the following semesters: the previous spring or summer, or the current fall term.

Include your name and title(s) of your work in the body of the email while putting the genre you are submitting to in the subject line of your email. If you are submitting to multiple genres, please send separate emails with your submissions for each one. For example, all poetry pieces should be sent with an email subject heading of Poetry Submissions. If you are submitting to fiction as well, send a separate email with the fiction piece(s) and the subject heading, Fiction Submissions, and so on. Please remove your name and other identifying information from the individual documents, so only the title is present on each submission.

  • Poetry: 1-5 pieces per person, typed. 
  • Short Fiction/Nonfiction: 1-3 pieces per person. Maximum 4,500 words per piece, typed and double spaced.
  • Drama (monologues, short script excerpts): 1-3 pieces per person. Maximum 10 pages per piece. Formatted appropriately.
  • Photography/Art/Comics: 1-5 pieces per person. Black and white and full-color submissions accepted. Please ensure your submissions are 2400 x 3000 pixels or higher.

Failure to meet any of the guidelines may result in disqualification. We reserve the right to reject any submission. Faculty members enrolled in classes are not eligible for publication.

All submissions should be emailed to:

Linguistics Portfolios

Linguistic Portfolios showcases the best of student research in all core areas of linguistics. Articles are published at the recommendation of the faculty who taught the course for which the research was originally conducted. Interdisciplinary papers at the interface of language and the brain, language and computers, language and communication science and disorders, symbolic representations of language, language in interpersonal and mass communication are particularly encouraged. Linguistic Portfolios is published once a year.