Undergraduate Studies Placement Testing



The purpose of the ACCUPLACER Placement Test is to provide you and the University with information about your current academic skill levels in reading, mathematics, biology, chemistry and English.

The results of the test will assist you and your academic advisor in selecting appropriate courses and support services as well as help you plan a course of study and have a successful college experience.

ACCUPLACER testing is computer-based and untimed (Exceptions: Biology 202 and Chemistry 141 have time limits.). All tests are proctored and a proctor will be present if assistance is needed. 


  • Mathematics: Elementary Algebra, Intermediate Algebra, College Level Math
  • Reading/English: Reading Comprehension, ESL Reading, ESL Listening
  • Biology 202
  • Chemistry 141
  • PSEO: Mathematics and English
  • CCCP: Mathematics and English