Undergraduate Placement Testing

Requesting a Voucher

To schedule an exam at another institution:

Contact the institution of your choice to determine a time and date to take the exam(s); be sure to ask the institution about proctoring an ACCUPLACER exam for St. Cloud State, not all institutions offer this service. 

Once confirmed, please email the following information to placementtesting@stcloudstate.edu to request a voucher:

Testing Location
Name of the Institution:
Testing Center Contact:
Contact's Phone & Email:
(optional) Date & Time of the exam(s)

Student Information
First & Last Name:

Date of Birth:
Phone & Email:
Student Tech ID (8-digit number):
Name of exam(s):

Please be advised: 
If you set up your exam at an institution outside of the MinnState system, there may be a charge for this service.  Please see the list of MinnState institutions that will allow you to test for free: http://www.minnstate.edu/colleges/campuses.html. If an out-of-network institution is willing, we may be able to communicate access and instructions with them to proctor an ACCUPLACER exam at their location to avoid the potential associated fees.

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