Undergraduate Placement Testing

ALEKS PPL & Score Requirements

This page is Under Construction.  St. Cloud State is no longer testing students with the ALEKS Placement Assessment.  Students who have ALEKS accounts that have not expired will be able to utilize their ALEKS account until expiration.


The ALEKS Placement, Preparation and Learning assessment will accurately assess, prepare and place you into the MATH/STAT course where you are most likely to succeed. 

After taking your initial assessment, you will be provided with an individualized Prep & Learning module. Your module will identify your areas of strength and areas that you can work on within the module. Spending time working in the module will prepare you for your next attempt at the assessment, if you wish to attempt to place into a higher level MATH/STAT course.

Students must wait at least 48 hours and spend at least 3 hours in their Prep & Learning module prior to attempting their next assessment. Students may take the assessment a total of 5 times.

0-30 MATH 070 -or- MATH 063 + MATH 103 co-requisites -or- STAT 063 + STAT 103 co-requisites 
31+ MATH 072, 103, -or- STAT 103
46+ MATH 112106, 201
61+ MATH 113115, 211 -or- STAT 219, 239
76+ MATH 221, 271

Topics covered in the ALEKS PPL placement assessment 

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