Undergraduate Placement Testing

Course Placement Testing Policy

To support student success and to meet the requirements of Minnesota State Policy 3.3, St. Cloud State University has developed the following procedure for assessing new entering students’ skills in reading, writing, mathematics, and biology.

All new incoming students, including transfer students, are required to take the ACCUPLACER Mathematics and/or Reading if one or more of the following conditions apply:

  1. If the student does not have valid ACT or SAT equivalent test scores
  2. If the ACT or SAT equivalent test scores fall below the cut scores determined for English, Reading, and Mathematics for exemption from placement testing.
  3. If the student does not have prior college credit that would impact the need for additional testing. Please contact the Placement Testing Coordinator for more information.

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Valid Standardized Test Scores

 * All scores must be valid on the first day of class.

ACCUPLACER Intermediate Algebra table
ACT:  Math, English, Reading 5 years
SAT:  Math, English Reading Writing 5 years
MCA:  Math 5 years

ACCUPLACER Reading 5 years
ACCUPLACER Math 2 years
ACCUPLACER English as a Second Language 3 years


Minimum Score Requirements

Eligible Courses for Registration
18+ 21+ 480+ 100+ 7.5+ ENGL 191

** International students for whom English is a non-native language, who do not have any of these scores, will begin with the ESL testing process. English for Academic Purposes.


For ACT, SAT & MCA minimum score requirements related to MATH courses, please see the Mathematics and Statistics Department's website

Student Accommodations

If you need accommodations (e.g. reader, scribe, sign language interpreter, audiotape, large print) in order to take the test due to a disability or temporary disabling condition. You may contact Student Accessibility Services at (320) 308-4080 and your test can be rescheduled at a later date.

* Documentation from an appropriately licensed medical practitioner or agency may be required before accommodations can be arranged.


Retaking the Exam

Students are allowed two attempts within a rolling 12-month period on the Accuplacer. No retake is available for the Chemistry, Music, or EAP English assessment.

Your score will be documented in your Degree Audit Report, which can be found on myHuskyNet within eServices.

International students who are non-native speakers of English are required to take the EAP courses during their first semester at SCSU; therefore, retesting is not allowed. Please contact the EAP Coordinator for additional assistance.



Please contact placementtesting@stcloudstate.edu for appeal information and forms.