Department of English

English 191 Exemption Exam

Students may seek exemption from the required first-year composition class, ENGL 191, if they meet one of these criteria:

  • Graduated in upper 25 percent of high school class
  • Earned score on ACT combined English of 25 or higher
  • Earned score on Advanced Placement (AP) Language/Literature test of 3 (scores of 4 and 5 earn automatic exemption)
  • Received credit for ENGL 100, ENGL 162, or transfer equivalent

The exemption exam has two parts:

  • A writing portfolio that demonstrates achievement of the ENGL 191 course objectives
  • An argumentative response to a question, written during a two-hour session

Fall 2018 Exam

The exam is 1-4 p.m. Oct. 12, 2018 in WB, Room 218.

Portfolio Content

Prior to the examination date, compile the portfolio. The portfolio, which will be submitted at the start of the exam, must include college academic writing samples that demonstrate achievement of the ENGL 191 course objectives. At least one sample must be an argument assignment (preferably 5-10 pages in length) that includes analysis of a subject and research to support the claim made in that writing.

The portfolio may include additional content to support and contextualize the writing samples.

  • Letters from a teacher (or other school officials), printed on official school letterhead.
    • Certifying that the writing submitted is your work.
    • Describing your writing ability, the assignments for which the samples were created, the general focus of the course in which the writing occurred.
  • Transcripts that list the grades for courses in which the sample were composed.
  • Course materials (i.e., syllabus, policy statement, schedule, catalog description).
  • Assignment materials (i.e., assignment sheets, rubrics, final draft criteria, grade sheets) that correspond with the samples include in the portfolio.
  • List of completed writing-intensive courses with descriptions of assignments and grades earned for each course and major writing assignment.

At the on-campus writing exam, qualified students will complete a portfolio cover sheet that includes a statement of original authorship, contact information and signature.

For more information, email John Grether.