Educational Leadership and Higher Education

John Eller

Program Areas

Doctoral Courses in Educational Administration & Leadership

Research/Interest Areas

John has authored the books Effective Group Facilitation in Education, Energizing Staff Meetings, So Now You are the Superintendent, Creative Strategies to Transform School Culture, Working with and Evaluating Difficult School Employees, and other practitioner books. He has also published numerous articles in professional journals.


John Eller has had a variety of experiences in working with adults over the years he has been in education.  His experiences include work with educational leaders at Virginia Tech University, developing teacher leaders in a Masters program at Southwest Minnesota State University, serving as the Executive Director of Minnesota ASCD, work as a principal’s training center director, a position as an assistant superintendent for curriculum, learning, and staff development, and several principal positions in a variety of settings. John was named as the Iowa Principal of the Year and a National Distinguished Principal with the US Department of Education and the National Association of Elementary School Principals in 1994.

In addition to the work he does in training and supporting facilitators, John also does work in the areas of dealing with difficult people, building professional learning communities, employee evaluation, conferencing skills, coaching skills, strategic planning strategies, school improvement planning and implementation, differentiated instruction, leadership for differentiation, employee recruitment, selection, and induction, supervisory skills, and effective teaching strategies. 

Courses Taught

  • EDAD 806 Human Resource Development
  • EDAD 815 Legal & Political Issues
  • EDAD 824 Seminar Series: Ethical Leadership
  • EDAD 827 Quantitative & Qualitative Research Methods
  • EDAD 829 Doctoral Research Design & Methodology

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