Education Abroad

  • 1st Place: Bagan

    Photo by Micah Bank 2016

  • 1st Place: Paragliding over the Swiss Alps

    Photo by Erica Hallmann 2018

    Paragliding over the Swiss Alps
  • 2nd Place: The Power of Education

    Photo by Annataya Schmid 2016

    The Power of Education
  • 2nd Place: Yeah, I went to Italy for the weekend? What did you do?

    Photo by Waverly Moline 2018

    Italy for the Weekend
  • People's Choice 2nd Place: Orlo Della Terra - Capri Island, Italy

    Photo by Bailey LaPoint 2016

    Orlo Della Terra - Capri Island, Italy

Photo and Essay Contest

Education Abroad Photo Contest

Please take a moment to look through these colorful photos, taken by SCSU Education Abroad students and entered into the annual photo contest sponsored by the Center for International Studies. These images provide a glimpse into the students’ amazing experiences as they studied in a variety of places across the globe. We hope the pictures inspire you to begin planning your own educational journey!

For more information, browse through the programs on our site, then visit the Center for International Studies/Education Abroad, located in Lawrence Hall—we will help make your dreams a reality.  

2016 Photo Contest Submissions