Counseling and Psychological Services

Online Self-Assessments

When you access the self-assessments via the links below, you will be leaving the SCSU website.

Depression, Anxiety, Alcohol, Posttraumatic Stress, or Eating Disorders Self-Assessments

Log into the Online Screening. This screening is confidential and free for St. Cloud State University undergraduate and graduate students.

Alcohol and Marijuana Assessments

The e-CHUG is a short, on-line survey that provides you with an accurate, detailed assessment of your alcohol use. The e-Toke is designed to give you personalized feedback on your marijuana use.

Answering each question truthfully and accurately will give you helpful feedback regarding your individual pattern of marijuana use and how it might be affecting your personal relationships, life and career goals, and your overall health and wellbeing.

For further information on alcohol and drug assessments and education, please access the SCSU U-Choose website.  U-Choose is an educational based campus prevention effort that focuses on the reduction of high risk alcohol use. The program utilizes empirically based theories and approaches specifically designed for college students. The presenters utilize these approaches in a fun, interactive, positive, and intellectually stimulating manner.

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