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Hello Husky parents and guardians,

We are incredibly excited your student is considering joining a Greek organization at St. Cloud State University. Greek life has been around for over 200 years, with membership including Presidents of the United States, CEO’s, actors and actresses, founders of research organizations, inventors, Pulitzer Prize winners, and on and on. For a list of just some notable Greek alumni, we invite you to visit Greek101’s website.

Greek organizations throughout the country, and at SCSU, focus on four pillars: Academics, Leadership Development, Brotherhood/Sisterhood, and Philanthropy/Service. Through joining a Greek organization, students join a community of individuals that share the same values which forms a deeper connection to the university and creates lifelong friendships.

Often, Greek Life is viewed in a negative light due to movies, television shows, and the media. The truth is, an overwhelming majority of organizations are committed to high standards and creating a positive influence in the world. Here at SCSU, there is a strict no hazing policy, and chapters work together every year to educate the campus community on importance issues; such as hazing, sexual assault, etc. Likewise, the chapters work diligently to support its members in strong academia through study hours, tutoring, GPA requirements, and other academic programming.

There are a number of studies showing concrete research of the benefits of joining a Greek organization such as gaining leadership skills, learning how to work with others or diverse populations, better interpersonal skills, a greater likelihood of graduating on time, and increased community volunteering throughout their lifetime.

The last point especially is evident at St. Cloud State Community. In the last year, chapters raised well over $10,000 and volunteered over 2000 hours of their time for local and national organizations. Not only are the chapters engaged in the community, but individual members can be found in leadership roles in other committees and organizations throughout the university and surrounding area.

If you are interested in staying involved in your student’s university experiences, many chapters host Parent’s Weekends. These weekends provide opportunities for parents to meet their student’s new brothers or sisters and learn more about the individual chapter.

We invite you to peruse our website, check out our Facebook page, or contact us with any questions or concerns. We look forward to working with your student in the upcoming academic year.


Greek Life Office

Sami Bosacki
Assistant Director for Greek Life and Student Organizations

Haley Putnam
Graduate Assistant for Greek Life

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Facts for Parents

Members get better grades

Fraternity and sorority members achieve a higher GPA than students who don't join Greek Life. Greek organizations provide tutoring and mentoring groups, individual study plans and resources for success.

Members graduate on time

Did you know over 1/3 of college students to not expect to graduate within 4 years? A research study by Gallup revealed that members of Greek Life graduate "on time" at a significantly higher rate than their peers.

Members are more prepared for life after college

After graduation, people who were in a fraternity or sorority are 50% more likely to report feeling like their college experience prepared them for the real world. Greek Life teaches its members how to apply the lessons they learn in the classroom through real leadership experiences.

Members are happier

According to the Gallup-Purdue Index study, members of fraternities and sororities are more likely to be thriving in all the key measures of well-being during their post-graduate years. Greek Life provides purpose, social connections, community engagement and more.