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Fraternities and Sororities


We have a Greek Life community of four fraternities and three sororities. 


We engage and develop our students, campus and surrounding community through our core values of scholarship, leadership and service while fostering lifelong bonds and relationships.

St. Cloud State is home to four fraternities and three sororities. The two governing councils are the College Panhellenic Council and the Interfraternity Council. 

Every organization works hard to exemplify the Greek values of Academics, Brotherhood/Sisterhood, Leadership Development and Philanthropy/Service.


We exemplify a student-first mentality, meaning scholastic standards are viewed as an integral part of Greek life. Each chapter has a minimum GPA requirement and uses programming, recognition, and support to help members achieve academic success.


Unlike most campus organizations, your membership does not end at graduation. Greek Life leads to lifelong friendships, not only within the chapter, but within the Greek community as a whole. Being in Greek Life makes finding a sense of community at a large university or new place easier.

Leadership Development

Being a part of the Greek community means developing skills that will be beneficial for the future. Working in a group setting fosters team building, conflict resolution, and the ability to work with diverse individuals and views. All chapters have leadership opportunities. Due to the size of chapters and number of available positions, individuals have an opportunity to take on leadership roles early in their college career.

Philanthropy and Service

Service is an important aspect of being Greek because we recognize that everyone has the ability to give back to those in need. Each chapter supports national philanthropies and local organizations, raising thousands of dollars a year as a community. In addition, chapters volunteer hundreds of hours each year to these causes.


College Panhellenic Council

Current Executive Board Members are listed on HuskiesConnect.
Visit the College Panhellenic Council on HuskiesConnect to view documents; including the Bylaws, Constitution and Recruitment Rules.

Interfraternity Council

Current Executive Board Members are listed on HuskiesConnect

Visit the Interfraternity Council on HuskiesConnect to view documents; including the Bylaws and Constitution.



Fraternities (men's organizations)

Fraternity Chapter emblems
Acacia Delta Sigma Phi Tau Kappa Epsilon Phi Beta Sigma
Acacia Delta Sigma Phi Tau Kappa Epsilon Phi Beta Sigma, Inc.

Sororities (women's organizations)

Sorority chapter emblems
Delta Phi Epsilon

Delta Zeta

Kappa Phi Omega
Delta Phi Epsilon Delta Zeta Kappa Phi Omega


Fraternity Recruitment

Interested in learning more about fraternity life at St. Cloud State? Complete the Fraternity Recruitment Interest Form

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Sorority Recruitment

Fill out the Sorority Interest Form to stay updated on recruitment information.  

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What is the time commitment of being in a fraternity or sorority?
Many times the Greek experience is compared to adding another class to your schedule. There is usually one to two meetings per week and different events throughout the month. On average chapter members say they spend 3-8 hours per week participating in Greek events and sometimes more depending on if you have a leadership position or just enjoy attending the different events. 

How much does it cost to be in a fraternity or sorority?
Each chapter has varying amounts for their chapter dues. Most chapters have scholarships and or payment plans available. 

Do I have to have a certain grade point average to be a member of a fraternity or sorority?
Yes, each chapter has different grade requirements to be a member because we know you are a student first. Most new members are required to have above a 2.0 or 2.5 cumulative GPA (per the organization). All the Greek organizations have academic plans/programs to help our members be successful in the classroom too. 

More questions? Ask a chapter member during their recruitment events.


Academic Resources

These academic resources were created as a tool to assist our Greek Members in working toward high scholastic attainment.

Recruitment Resources

These resources are to be used during the fraternity/sorority recruitment process to track membership agreements as students are invited to be new members in a Greek organization. 

  • Fraternity
    • All grade verification and bid acceptance must be submited to the Greek Life Staff
    • Fraternity Membership Acceptance form and process can be found on Teams
      • Signed by new members after they accept a bid
  • Sorority 
    • Continuous Open Bidding Membership Recruitment Acceptance Binding Agreement (COB MRABA) form and process can be found on Teams
      • Signed by new members after they accept a bid

Greek Life Event Planning 
When planning your chapter events make sure to submit your event on HuskiesConnect to limit over-programming for our community.

Greek Life Task Force Report

The Greek Life Task Force Report was a comprehensive review of the Greek Community conducted in 2012 from a review committee on campus. Below are the following report and appendices. 

Risk Management and Hazing Prevention

Greek Life Grade Statistics

Other Resources

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