Department of Campus Involvement

  • Annual Events - Family Weekend

    Annual Events Family Weekend
  • Civic Engagement - Husky Clean-up

    Civic Engagement - Husky Clean-up
  • Student Organizations - Mainstreet

    Student Organizations - Mainstreet
  • Greek Life - Sorority Recruitment

    Greek Life - Sorority Recruitment

About Us

General Information

The Department of Campus Involvement is located on the main floor of Atwood Memorial Center, Room 134 and is the hub for student involvement on campus. Through its programs and services, Campus Involvement serves students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community and works to build a vibrant campus community. 

Five Program Areas


The Department of Campus Involvement engages students in transformational experiences that impact individual and community success.

Vision Elements

  • The staff of Campus Involvement will collectively serve as an effective organization that is balanced, adaptable, responsive, creative, cutting edge, and well trained and prepared with a focus on student development and co-curricular learning.
  • The Department of Campus Involvement will provide a nurturing environment that is positive, safe, supportive, challenging, and inclusive.  It will be known for excellence in providing cultural, social, intellectual and recreational programs and services to enhance the educational experience and promote understanding of cultural diversity.
  • The Department of Campus Involvement will be recognized as a top-notch Student Activities program, including expertise in large-scale programming, event planning, student development, and student services that create a welcoming environment reflective of the changing needs of the campus community.
  • The Department of Campus Involvement will use a budget development and decision-making model that prioritizes student benefit and improvement of programs and services.
  • The Department of Campus Involvement will build its comprehensive, long-range program plan to stay current and responsive to the changing needs of students and the campus community. 

Campus Involvement Data

  • We provide over 250 diverse events and activities annually, with over 60,000 attending
  • We support over 200 Student Organizations
  • National research shows that student involvement/engagement is directly linked to student success. Students who are involved tend to devote more time and energy to academics, spend more time on campus, and have more positive interactions with faculty and staff
  • Over 80% of students agree that the Department of Campus Involvement is a valuable part of the college experience
  • 67% of St. Cloud State students report involvement in volunteer service
  • St. Cloud State Students volunteer over 1 million hours a year
  • There are 31 cultural groups that celebrate and share their history and traditions through cultural nights
  • There are over 1300 leadership opportunties within student organizations
  • The size of the fraternity/sorority community has almost tripled over the past four years, and is over 300 strong