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Budget and Finance

Senate Finance Committee (334) Account

334 Account: Account where the funds allocated by Senate Finance Committee are deposited. Fund includes Free Balance, Speaker/Entertainer, Equipment purchase, Interpreters. (Not sure if your organization has an account or want know more; contact Senate Finance Committee. Or stop by Department of Campus Involvement, Atwood Memorial Center - 134.)

Senate Finance Committee (SFC)

The Senate Finance Committee (SFC) is the committee within Student Government Committee that is responsible for allocating funding to Student Organizations at St. Cloud State University. 

2017-2018 Treasurer Training Information


Contact Senate Finance Committee

Senate Finance Committee Chair

Senate Finance Committee Adviser
Peggy Sarnicki


Fundraising (900) Account

900 account: Account where dues, donations, funds raised monies are to be deposited. To be used for purposes of Student Organization operations. (To find about your account; stop by Department of Campus Involvement (Atwood Memorial Center -134) or contact