Business Services

Object Codes

Minnesota State
Object Code
10xx Rent (for equipment that is leased with option to buy, see class 40xx)
1010 Rent – Non-State Space (includes remodeling of leased space and parking when included in lease. Use 1850 for meeting rooms with additional services. Use 1070 for parking when not included in a lease; booth rental; and meeting rooms without services.)
1020 Rent – State-Owned Space (must be state-owned building)
1030 Equipment Rental (Use only for equipment without an operator. Use 18xx for equipment with an operator)
1070 Rent – Other (includes booth rental, meeting room rental without service, parking when not included in a lease) Use 1850 for meeting rooms w/additional services
11xx Advertising – Newspaper, Magazine, Radio, TV
1110 Advertising – Legal, Employment, Public Info, General
12xx Repairs to Equipment and Furniture (includes alterations, maintenance and parts and labor)
1210 Repairs to Equipment and Furniture (outside vendor)
1240 Repairs & Alterations to Buildings (includes interior/exterior remodeling that does not increase space or value (use 52xx)…upkeep only, normal wear & tear, i.e. paint, carpet, drapes. Use 1010 for remodeling non-state-owned space)
1241 Service Center Charges – Telephone (includes changes to existing phone installations) used mainly in cost allocation
1260 Maintenance Contracts
1280 Other Repairs (includes road repairs, resurfacing, and fencing repairs. Use 5215 for new fencing, landscaping, and site preparation. Use 1810 for snow removal, mowing, and seeding.)
13xx Bonds and Insurance
1310 Bonds & Insurance (includes Official or Employee Surety, property and casualty insurance and premiums for worker’s comp reinsurance)
14xx Printing and Binding
1410 Printing – Non-State Shop (excludes letterhead and envelopes, see 3000)
1411 Service Center – Printing Services Cost Allocation
1412 Service Center - Copies Plus Cost Allocation
1420 Duplicating and Printing – State Shop
1450 Microfilming
1460 Other Printing (Binding)
15xx Consultant and Professional/Technical Services (Approved contract required)
1510 General Management & Fiscal Consultants – Non-State Agency (includes business, financial management, and food service/cafeteria management costs)
1511 General Management & Fiscal Consultants – State Agency (includes business, financial management, and food service/cafeteria management costs)
1512 Personnel Recruiting Services (includes head hunting and recruiting services)
1513 Advertising/Marketing Production (includes design for artwork, graphics, brochures and pamphlets, media production and related communications) NOTE: Does not include printing –see 14xx
1514 Writing Services – Manual, Grants, Etc (includes technical manuals, user manuals, grant writing, and preparation of publications)
1515 Program Development & Evaluation – Non-State Agency (includes development and delivery of agency programs, evaluation services, studies, surveys and research)
1516 Program Development & Evaluation – State Agency ( includes development and delivery of agency programs, evaluation services, studies, surveys and research)
1518 Site Survey-Costs associated with hiring a surveyor and producing a site survey
1519 Geotechnical Services-Costs associated with hiring a geotechnical consultant and producing a soil report
1520 Medical and Dental Services (includes medical, dental, mental health, and public health services)
1521 Health Care/Nursing Service – State Agency(includes medical, dental, mental health, and public health services)
1522 Owner’s Representative – Basic Services
1523 Construction Inspections & Testing-Costs associated with hiring consultants to do quality control, plan constructability review, and code required testing and inspection
1524 Post Occupancy Evaluation-Costs associated with hiring a consultant to perform post occupancy evaluations, produce and issue reports
1525 Commissioning-Costs associated with the start up or a building including testing and adjusting HVAC, electrical, plumbing, and other systems to assure proper functioning and adherence to design criteria; also includes the training of building representatives in the use of building systems.
1529 Architect Predesign Services
1530 Architect & Engineering Services – Non-State Agency (includes plans and specifications, interior design and landscape design)
1531 Architect & Engineering Services – State Agency (includes plans and specifications, interior design and landscape design)
1532 Admin Hearing Judges – Non-State Agency (contracted by Admin Hearings, other state agencies use 1533 to pay Admin Hearings)
1533 Admin Hearing Judges – State Agency
1534 Court Reporters & Transcribers
1535 Expert Witness Fees
1536 Legal Services – Gross Proceeds (use if legal fees are not identified separately from other amounts –1099 reporting issue, if separated, use 1550)
1537 Legal & Paralegal Services – Non-State Agency (includes mediation, arbitrators, guardian ad litem, magistrates, social services, legal and paralegal services not appointed or performed by the Office of the Attorney General)
1538 Law Enforcement & Security – Non-State Agency (includes investigation and surveillance)
1539 Law Enforcement & Security – State Agency (includes investigation and surveillance)
1540 Environmental, Agri, & Scientific Services (includes natural resource services, agricultural services, hazardous material, abatement services, geo/technical assessments, and related lab fees, research and surveys)
1541 Conference Planning (includes cost to plan and schedule conferences and other similar special events)
1550 Legal Services – Outside Attorney General Office (outside legal council appointed by Attorney General; legal services not performed by the Attorney General) NOTE: Use 1536 if legal fees are not identified separately from other amounts—1099 reporting issue.
1551 Legal Services – Attorney General Office (Includes all Attorney General expenses) See 1552 for intra-governmental expenses other than the Attorney General
1552 Legal Services – State Agency (not Attorney General Office) Use 1551 for Attorney General fees
1555 MCE Collection Services – State Agency
1560 Educational & Instructional Services – Non-State Agency (includes classroom instruction of speakers and presentations, development/delivery of training classes, workshops, in-service, outreach, community development and facilitation. Note: if a state employee performs these services, contact Human Resources)
1561 Educational & Instructional Services – State Agency (includes development/delivery of training classes, workshops, in-service, outreach, community development and facilitation; if a state employee performs these services, contact Human Resources)
1564 Minnesota State Program Management Fee-To pay fees assessed by the Office of the Chancellor for managing specific construction projects.
1565 CSU Construction Project Management –to pay fees assessed by the Office of the Chancellor for managing the Capital Improvement Program.
1570 Other Professional/Technical Services
1571 Other Consultant Services – State Agency
1580 Expense Reimbursement for Professional Services (Use 1970 for speakers and entertainers)
1581 Expense Reimbursement for Trainers/Speakers (Employee Development)
1582 Trainers/Speakers for Employee Development (not provided by a state agency)
1583 Architectural Fees-Reimbursables-Expenses incurred by the designer or architect/engineer that are reimbursable per the terms of the contract for design.
1584 Owner’s Representative-Reimbursables-Expenses incurred by the Owner’s Rep that are reimbursable per the terms of the contract.
1585 Expense Reimbursement CSU Construction Project Management
1590 Donated Services/Labor
17xx Computer and Systems Services
1710 Computer Production & Maintenance
1711 Service Center Charge – MIS Academic (Production and maintenance)
1712 Service Center Charge – MIS Administrative (production and maintenance)
1720 System Development (includes information technology development, modifications and planning; technical research, and risk assessment)
1725 Information Technology Maintenance and Support( includes maintenance, help desk, technical support, and web site maintenance)
1726 Information Technology Maint & Support – State Agency (includes maintenance, help desk, technical support, and web site maintenance)
1730 Software rental/license/subscription
1740 Software Purchase (under 30K per unit)
1745 Major Software Purchase (over 30K per unit)
1750 Software Maintenance
1755 On-line subscription/system access fee
1760 Expense Reimbursement-Miscellaneous
18xx Purchased Services (Use 1030 when renting equipment without operator)
1810 Building Maintenance Services (janitorial, fire protection, window cleaning, snow removal, mowing and landscaping)
1820 Security Services
1830 Refuse Removal
1840 Environmental, Agri & Scientific Services-State Agency (includes natural resource services, agricultural services, hazardous material, abatement services, and related lab fees, research and surveys)
1850 Contracted Food Service (conference, meeting, and catering. Use 1070 for rental of conference and meeting rooms without services)
1870 Other Purchased Services (includes film processing, picture framing, companies that provide DJ services, background checks, interpretation services, officials, security, clinical experience workshops. Note: Individuals hired directly to provide interpretations, concession workers, etc…should be processed through HR/Payroll)
1871 Laundry and Dry Cleaning
1875 Construction Moving and Relocation Expense-All costs associated with moving into a completed project space.
1880 Expense Reimbursement for Other Services
19xx Public Speakers and Entertainers (open to the public. Classroom speakers, see 1560)
1910 Public Speakers & Entertainers
1970 Expense Reimbursement for Public Speakers
1980 Public Speakers & Entertainer State Tax
20xx Communications
2010 Postal, Mailing, & Shipping, (Fed Ex, UPS outbound)
2011 Service Center Charge – Postage (outbound)
2020 Network Services (Telephone)—telephone service, computer communications, satellite conferences, fax charges
2025 Wireless Communications (cell, pagers, etc)
2030 Long Distance Telephone (optional)—telephone service, computer communications, satellite conferences, fax charges
2040 Home Internet Access - Taxable
2041 FICA on Home Internet Access
2060 Freight & Delivery (in-bound)
2090 Other Communication
23xx Utility Service
2310 Electricity
2320 Water/Sewer
2330 Diesel Fuel
2340 Fuel Oil
2350 Natural Gas
2360 Gasoline
2398 Energy Loan Dept. Payment
2399 Other Utility Services
24xx Relocation/Job Applicant Expense, Interest, Taxes
2410 Relocation Expense-transportation paid to vendor to move household goods and personal items to new residence
2420 Interest to Vendors – Late Payment
2430 Taxes, Assessments, Shared Revenue
2440 Interest on Trust Deposits
2450 Job Applicant Expense
27xx Student Activities
2710 Student Activities
2720 Student Travel (transportation, lodging, meals, registration. Use 2891 for admission fees)
2730 Statewide Student Association Fee Remitted
28xx Claims, Fees, Fines, Prizes, Memberships
2810 Claims (paid to claimant) includes reimbursement of medical and legal fees; and informants
2818 Court Ordered Settlements – 1099 (employee)
2819 Court Ordered Settlements – 1099 (attorney fees)
2820 Medical Fees to Providers (claims for medical services paid to vendors)
2830 Other Services to Providers (claims for non-medical services paid to vendors, includes claims paid to attorneys)
2840 Bounties & Rewards
2850 Prizes & Awards
2860 Royalties & Copyright Fees
2870 Memberships- Departmental
2871 Memberships- IFO/MSUAASF Contract (Individual)
2880 Tuition & Registration Fee(Includes DOER classes, tuition for accredited courses
2890 Fines & Penalties
2891 Fees – Includes permit, license, filing, recording, notary, copyright, royalties, and admissions fees
2892 Fees – Collection Agency
2893 Credit Card Fees
2894 Bank Fees
2898 Sporting Event Guarantee
2900 Department Head Expense
30xx Supplies & Materials Not for Resale
3000 Supplies & Materials
3001 Supplies & Materials-IFO/MSUAASF Contract
3002 Equipment Purchased as Supplies
3003 Donated Supply & Material
3004 Software Purchase
3005 Laboratory and Medical Supplies
3006 Sensitive Equipment Purchased as supplies
3007 Subscriptions-Non Library
3008 Furniture
3009 Donated Sensitive Equipment
3010 Service Center – Supplies
3011 Service Center – Central Stores
31xx Resale
32xx Library
3210 Library Books
3211 Library Audio/Video Materials
3212 Library Subscriptions
40xx Capital Equipment
4000 Equipment
4001 Donated Equipment
4004 Equipment – Ancillary expense (1099) Expenses incurred, beyond the cost of the capital asset, required to place the capital asset into service
4005 Equipment – Ancillary expense (non 1099)
4100 Capital Lease – Principal
4110 Capital Lease - Interest
4120 Capital Lease- Tax Exempt Interest
50xx Land & Interest in Land
5000 Land Purchase
5001 Land - Donated
5010 Perpetual Easements
5070 Interest on Land
5080 Expense Reimbursement to Property Owner (includes relocation, damages, condemnation cost, and permanent easement improvements)
5090 Other Land Acquisition Costs (appraisal fees, abstraction costs, and relocation costs paid to third parties, attorney fees)
52xx Buildings
5200 New Building Construction
5201 Building – Donated (existing building)
5205 Purchase of Existing Building
5210 Improvements/Betterments to Buildings (expenditures of $5,000 or more that become permanent parts of an existing building and increases the usefulness of the building or lengthens the building’s life)
5211 Hazard Material Abatement-Construction
5212 Additions/Extensions to Buildings (must increase square footage)
5213 Public Art Allowance-That portion of the project appropriation or allotment set aside for art.
5214 Demolition Cost to a Building
5215 Land Improvements (includes parking lots, paving, culverts, lighting systems, water, electric, dams, trails, forest roads, drains, sidewalks, sewers, new fencing, trees, landscaping, and site preparation)
5216 Construction Manager At Risk Contingency
5220 Interest Payments on Purchases of Buildings
5265 Data/Telecommunication/Equipment & Installation-Purchase and installation of data, telecommunication equipment.
5270 Security Equipment/Wiring/Installation-Purchase and installation of security equipment including all necessary wiring.
60xx Debt
6000 Debt - Principal
61xx Interest on Debts
6100 Interest on Debts
6180 Other Interest
6189 Funds Applied Overawards
6190 Financial Aid Over Award Expense
70xx Aid
7010 Aid to Cities & Towns
7011 Aid to Counties (includes contributions in lieu of taxes)
7012 Aid to School Districts (includes special school districts)
7013 Aid to Higher Ed Institutions (includes U of M, state universities, community colleges, technical colleges, etc.)
7014 Aid to Other Government Units (includes area planning centers, floodwater districts, armories, housing redevelopment areas, metropolitan boards, public libraries, region computer centers, and rural development corporations)
7015 Tuition Mitigation Out
7020 Inter-agency Grants (state agencies- non Minnesota State)
7025 State Agency Reimb-Expense Refunds Only-Not Payments (this will create a negative expenditure)
7030 Aid to Non-Govt Organizations (includes Minnesota Indian bands & tribes)
7040 Financial Aid & Scholarships (includes tuition, scholarships, books, educational supplies)
7041 Stipends
7042 Tuition Remission for Grad Assistants (includes tuition, scholarships, books, educations supplies)
7043 Tuition Waiver
7044 Fee Waiver
7050 Other Aid to Clients (payments to individuals-- includes transportation, housing, emergency subsistence, relocation, counseling, personal expenses, child care, and out-of-area job search
7055 Other Services for Clients (paid to vendors—includes educations, supplies, equipment, and insurance)

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