Veterans Resource Center

MDVA Regional Coordinator

Jason Wehry
Central Regional Coordinator
Room 100E Administrative Services Building
Cell:  320-493-8153
Resource Center: 320-308-2185

Mission: To serve the unique higher education needs of students who are Veterans, military members or family members.

MN Statute 197.585

Process: The Minnesota Legislature passed a number of initiatives addressing the unique and often complex needs of students who are Veterans. To assist Minnesota’s colleges and universities fulfill these new requirements, the Minnesota Department of Veterans Affairs established the Higher Education Veterans Programs. This program consists of a director and regional coordinators located throughout the state. Specifically, the coordinators work with colleges to enhance or develop:

  1. "Veterans friendly” policies and procedures
  2. On-campus Veterans Resource Centers
  3. Coordinated Campus and Community Services and information
  4. Serve as a partner with the military and other community providers with the “Beyond the Yellow Ribbon” Reintegration activities of the MNARNG.
  5. Provide Higher Education Information and Support: “Providing in-person and electronic higher education advising, in-person referral, related service and education benefit information to Veterans, military members, and their families.”

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