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Federal GI Bill

Montgomery GI Bill – Chapter 30:
Service Members who have served on active duty with any branch of the armed forces may be eligible to receive Chapter 30, if they have signed up for and paid into the program. Chapter 30 recipients have 10 years after their date of discharge to use 36 months of payment.

Montgomery GI Bill Selected Reserve – Chapter 1606:
Most Reserve and National Guard members are eligible for Chapter 1606 upon completion of initial training. Recipients of Chapter 1606 retain eligibility for the duration of their active drilling status up to 14 years. Benefit extension available for those with mobilized service.

Reserve Educational Assistance Program (REAP) - Chapter 1607:
Reserve and National Guard members who have served on qualifying active federal service for at least 90 days may have eligibility for Chapter 1607. This benefit is based on a percentage of the active duty GI bill rate. Benefit extension available for those who complete an 8 year service contract in the Reserve or National Guard.

GI Bill "Buy-Up":
Program allows maximum contribution of $600, in $20 increments, which pays up to an additional $150 per month for 36 months.  Option may be available on Chapter 1607 and Chapter 30.

Post-9/11 GI Bill – Chapter 33:
Eligibility for Chapter 33 is based on qualifying periods of active duty performed after 9/10/01. Percentage of the benefit you are entitled to is determined by number of qualifying months of service. This benefit consists of three components: tuition & fees paid directly to the institution, a housing stipend and a book & supply stipend paid to the student. This benefit expires 15 years from the last day of active duty separation. With additional qualifying service requirements, Chapter 33 includes an option to transfer the benefit to dependents. Your decision to elect Chapter 33 is irrevocable. We strongly recommend contacting the MDVA Regional Coordinator prior to completing an application for Chapter 33.

For assistance with VA Educational Benefits contact:
Veterans Resource Center
AS100 Administrative Services Building
Phone: 320-308-2185