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Rights and Responsibilities


  • College Credit for Military Training
    “Minnesota State must recognize courses and award educational credits for courses that were part of a veteran's military training or service if the courses meet the standards of the American Council on Education (ACE) or equivalent standards for awarding academic credits. Universities in Minnesota are encouraged to recognize courses and award educational credits for courses that were part of a veteran's military training or service if the courses meet the standards of the ACE or equivalent standards for awarding academic credits.” (Minnesota Statute 197.775)
  • In-State Tuition
    Veterans who are undergraduate students at Minnesota State campuses are eligible for in-state tuition rates regardless of their residency status. Veterans who are graduate students are eligible for in-state tuition rates if they enlisted as a Minnesota resident and are within two years of discharge from active duty. (Minnesota Statute 197.775) The spouse and dependents of veterans also receive in-state tuition at Minnesota State colleges and universities.
  • Delayed Payment of Tuition
    Generally, veterans can defer tuition payments while awaiting their educational benefits. In most cases, they must identify themselves as a veteran and request a deferment. Please check with the campus for details. (Minnesota Statute 197.775)
  • Options for Deploying
    In most cases, if a student has enrolled in college courses and is called to active duty, they must be given the options to complete their course(s) under an extension, or receive a grade based on current progress, or receive a refund of their tuition. (Minnesota State Procedure 5.12.1)
  • Other Financial Aid Resources
    A student veteran is not limited to only military and veteran’s benefits; they are also encouraged to apply for Federal Student Aid. FAFSA is a prerequisite for the MN GI Bill®. See the financial aid office for details.
  • Concurrent use of the GI Bill® and Federal Tuition Assistance (FTA)
    Contrary to popular belief, a service member is entitled to use their GI Bill® and FTA benefits at the same time. The service member should evaluate the time restraints of the GI Bill® before this decision is made.
  • Campus Veterans Centers
    “Each institution within the Minnesota State system shall provide adequate space for a veteran’s assistance office to be administered by the Commissioner of Veteran’s Affairs. This veteran’s assistance office must provide information and assistance regarding the availability of state, federal, local, and private resources to veterans or family members of veterans who are students at the school”. (Minnesota Statute 197.585)


  • Payment of tuition upon receipt of veteran’s benefits
    Although tuition and fees may be deferred until veteran’s benefits are received, it is imperative to pay tuition and fees upon receipt of these benefits. See the business office for questions.
  • Reporting Changes in Status
    GI Bill® benefits are calculated based on the number of credits taken per semester. After initial certification, the student veteran must inform the Certifying Official of any changes to their credit status.
  • Monthly WAVE Verification For Chp.1606 and Chp.30
    At the end of every month, if a student is enrolled in classes and receiving GI Bill® benefits, they must verify their attendance at either or by calling (877) 823-2378.
  • Monthly Verification for Chp.33
    The multiple ways to provide your monthly verification for Chp.33 benefits can be found here.
  • Inform College & Instructors of Deployments
    Every effort should be made to inform instructors, advisors, and the registrar’s office in a timely mater if a student has received orders for deployment. This will ensure that the student has sufficient time to make arrangements regarding possible course extensions, tuition refunds, or a leave of absence. In addition, the student must ensure the correct procedures for withdrawal have been followed in order to avoid penalties.

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