Summer Sessions 2023

Financial Information for Summer

See the Student Registration and Financial Services website for information about the Cost of Attendance, Tuition and Fees. This page includes information about the estimated Fall, Spring and Summer costs.

Cost of Attendance, Tuition and Fees

Please contact the course faculty member with questions about the summer course; your advisor with questions about program requirements; or the Business Office with questions about billing and payments.


Financial Aid Information for Summer

Financial aid in the form of grants and loans is available for students taking summer classes and is based on summer term enrollment. A summer specific application is NOT required but students must have a completed financial aid file for the academic year and must also have registered for summer courses in order to receive a summer financial aid award notification. Summer is considered a trailing semester, meaning it is at the end of the financial aid year.


Award Notification

The Financial Aid Office will begin awarding summer financial aid in early March. Once your award has been calculated, you will receive an email inviting you to review and respond to your award notification in e-Services. Watch this video for more information on reviewing and responding to your award notification.


Student Bill, Payment Options and Due Dates

Find balance due dates and deadlines, payment plan options, how to make payments and more on the Student Registration and Financial Services website.



The Scholarships and Grants webpage has information on these options:

  • Pell Grant: If you are eligible for Pell Grant, and have not reached your maximum Lifetime Eligibility Used, you may be eligible.

  • Pell Grant: If you are eligible for Pell Grant, you have a certain amount available for the academic year. If you were enrolled in 12 or more credits for the fall and spring semester, then you likely won't have any Pell grant available for summer. If you were not enrolled full-time (see Financial Aid Enrollment Requirements) fall and spring, and have not reached your maximum Lifetime Eligibility Used, you may be eligible.
  • Minnesota Grant: If you have not exceeded the maximum eligibility and are enrolled at a qualifying enrollment level, you may be eligible.

  • MN GI Bill® and MN Child Care Grant: Funds are available. Students must meet eligibility criteria.

  • Federal TEACH Grant: Available at all enrollment levels for students admitted to eligible high-need teaching fields.



Visit our loans webpage for details about federal, private and St. Cloud State loans.

Limited financial assistance is available in the summer if you have used your annual Direct Loan eligibility during the preceding spring and fall terms. You may be eligible for additional Direct Loan for the summer term if you changed grade levels between spring and summer semesters. Requirements:

  • You've not borrowed the full annual amount allowed under the Direct Loan program
  • You are registered for six or more credits
  • You've accepted your loans in e-Services

PLUS and private loans require an approved credit check.



Work study and graduate assistantships are not funded in the summer. Some departments, however, hire student through other means.


Books/Course Materials

You may charge up to $1,000, including online purchases, at the Husky Bookstore in Centennial Hall. Excluded are writing instruments, desk accessories, mailing supplies, calculators, batteries, binders, notebooks and other paper products. To be eligible, you cannot have holds on your student account. Call the Billing and Payment Office at 320-308-4012 with questions.

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