Research and Sponsored Programs

Saigo Excellence Funds

Drs. Roy and Barbara Saigo established the Saigo Endowment for Faculty and Staff Excellence Fund in 2007 support faculty and staff in their ongoing professional development.

The purpose of the fund is to encourage and assist faculty and staff with scholarly activities including professional presentations, performances and exhibitions; research and creative endeavors; and publications.

The award range is up to $500 for reimbursement of eligible expenses between July 1 and June 30 of the current fiscal year.

Eligibility requirements

  • All full-time permanent or temporary faculty and staff at St. Cloud State University are eligible to apply.
  • Full-time status must be applicable both at the time of application and at the time of grant activity.
  • Expenses cannot have already been reimbursed from another source.

Submission instructions and requirements

Deadline: Coming Soon Fall 2018

Proposals are accepted electronically through the Proposals SharePoint portal during the open application cycle. Login using your Star ID and Password.

Budgetary guidelines

Presenter Travel Grants

Applicable expenses may include:

  • registration fee
  • travel (airfare, mileage)
  • lodging (max 3 nights)
  • data analysis, and/or
  • art supplies or materials

Project Mini-Grants

Applicable expenses may include: 

  • travel to a collection or other research-related site
  • photocopying or printing costs
  • transcription or data entry costs
  • data analysis, and/or
  • art supplies or materials

Publication Grants

Applicable expenses may include: 

  • submission fees
  • page costs charged by the publication or organization
  • costs for reprints of the article may also be requested, limited to $150

Previous recipients

2018 Recipients


Abdullah Abu Hussein - $500
Information Systems, “Identifying and Scoring Vulnerability in SCADA Environments”


Abdullah Abu Hussein - $500
Information Systems, “Security and Privacy in the Internet of Medical Things: Taxonomy and Risk Assessment”

Julie Baugnet- $500
Art, “Urban Drawing Project”

Melissa Hanzsek-Brill - $500
Mathematics & Statistics, “A Predictive Model for Students' Sense of Belonging”

Renat Sultanov - $500
Information Systems, “Influence of the pbar-p nuclear interaction on the rate of the low energy muonic reaction”

Janet Tilstra - $500
Communication Sciences & Disorders, “Assessing bilingual Somali/English learners in schools: Survey of current practices”

Brian Wilson - $500
Accounting, “Deep Learners Perceptions of Online Homework”


Previous recipients are showcased in RSP’s annual report.