Research and Sponsored Programs

Leveraged Equipment Program

Leveraged equipment funds support the acquisition of state-of-the art instructional equipment for credit-based academic programs that produce graduates in areas of high-demand occupations. Acquired equipment should align with the University’s strategic infrastructure development and goals.

This matching program requires dollar-for-dollar cash match or in-kind contributions from non-state sources. Match must be related to the program/equipment purchased with state leveraged equipment funds.

High-demand occupations are defined by Minnesota Labor Market Information. Select "Use the Data Tool" to review and search the current labor market data.

If you have questions regarding how to align your requests with the in-demand occupations, please contact the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs to explore further.

Eligibility requirements

  • Applicants are required to have secured at least 1:1 cash or in-kind match contribution from non-state sources such as local businesses, non-state grants, vendors or foundations prior to application. Additional program details and answers to Frequently Asked Questions are available from Minnesota State.
  • Required match must be secured (received, not only pledged) between July 1, 2018 - June 30, 2019 AND must be related to the program/equipment purchased with state leveraged equipment funds.
  • All St. Cloud State divisions/departments are eligible to apply, and interdisciplinary proposals are encouraged.

Submission instructions and requirements

Deadline: 11 p.m. Feb. 8, 2019

Step 1: Download Adobe PDF document and save to your computer by right-clicking Narrative and Budget (PDF) and select "Save Link As" OR "Save Target As" option.

Step 2: Obtain electronic signatures on completed PDF document.

Step 3: Login to Huskies Connect and complete Leveraged Equipment application and upload associated supporting documents:

  • Completed and signed proposal narrative and budget
  • Limited to one equipment item per proposal.
  • Submit Required Attachments
  • Equipment Quote
    • Upon award, new quotes may be required and alternate equipment will not be considered.
  • Match Documentation (copy of existing PO[s], vendor quotes/documentation, if vendor is providing a discount greater than standard match documentation from the vendor is required, etc.)

Budgetary guidelines and match requirements

Budgetary guidance

  • Equipment purchases shall be for instructional purposes for programs that produce graduates with skills in high-demand occupations.
  • Submitted quotes MUST include shipping/handling and all required components to ensure full functionality and operation of the equipment.
  • Equipment for smart classrooms, computers for general campus-wide use, or software licenses are NOT eligible.
  • Equipment acquisitions may require continuing support for operations, maintenance, warranty, etc. Outlining sustainability needs in terms of cost, personnel time, supplies/materials, etc. is imperative to understand the additional investment that will be required to support the equipment’s ongoing operations and maintenance. Discuss sustainability needs/options with your department and dean/vice president to assist in defining a sustainability plan for the proposed equipment acquisition. 
  • Upon award, substitutions of alternate equipment types will not be considered.

Match requirements

State leveraged equipment funds must be matched dollar-for-dollar by cash or in-kind contributions from non-state sources. Minnesota State system is encouraged to exceed the required match if possible.

  1. Examples of eligibility for cash match funds include:
    • Grant funds from non-profit, private or federal sources awarded to the university
    • Cash donations made directly to the university or through its foundation
  2. In-kind contributions are non-cash gifts that have a calculable cash value, some examples include:
    • The value of donated instructional equipment
    • The value of donated materials, software, curriculum products and supplies for the equipment
    • The value of donated training provided by industry experts on the new equipment to Minnesota State faculty, staff or students
    • The value of donated labor and materials required to install the equipment
    • The value of a vendor discount that is greater than a standard educational discount. If a vendor is providing more than a standard educational discount, documentation of the extended discount from the vendor is required at time of application.
  3. The following sources may not be counted as match:
    • Cash from state funds, including state appropriated funds
    • Student paid tuition or fees
    • Physical enhancements or updates to a facility, such as construction or modification of a science lab

Award selection

Proposals will be evaluated by St. Cloud State administration for . . .

  • Alignment with the Leverage Equipment requirements/synopsis defined by state legislation
  • Alignment with St. Cloud State’s strategic goals and infrastructure priorities
  • Impact of students’ development of skills in high demand occupations
  • Eligibility and type of match secured (cash or in-kind)
  • Sustainability plan for the equipment acquisition

Final funding decisions will be made by the Provost/Vice President Academic Affairs.