Post Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO)

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Earn College Credit in High School

Post Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO)

Minnesota students can get a jump start on earning college credits by taking college courses while they are in still in high school through Minnesota’s PSEO program. This program allows students to take college courses tuition-free, saving both time and money on completing a  college degree. PSEO courses may also fulfill high school course requirements and count toward a high school diploma. In addition to earning credits, these rigorous courses offer students help in learning important “transition skills," such as critical thinking, writing, research and course management.  These skills help students make a successful transition to college.

St. Cloud State University offers high school students a variety of options for earning dual high school and college credit. Consider joining St. Cloud State via an online course or right here on our campus. St. Cloud State also offers numerous courses directly through Minnesota high schools via our Senior to Sophomore program.

Senior to Sophomore program   

Many high schools offer PSEO courses through concurrent enrollment, allowing students to take college courses taught by highly qualified high school teachers without having to leave the high school. Under certain circumstances, students in 9th or 10th grade may also be allowed to take concurrent enrollment courses.

We refer to this program as "Senior to Sophomore" since it may be possible for students to earn enough credits to actually begin their first year of college as a sophomore, depending on the number of courses their local school offers.

Students interesting in the Senior to Sophomore program should consult their high school guidance counselor to learn about the courses offered at their high school. Program details and eligibility standards are available through our Senior to Sophomore program website.


We find many students are ready to begin their college careers on campus, or in an online environment while still in high school. Students should be prepared for the academic and social challenges of enrolling in college and earning credits before high school graduation. We pride ourselves on being able to offer courses that exceed high school levels, introduce students to new disciplines and create opportunities for students to engage in the full college experience. If you'd prefer to attend PSEO classes on the St. Cloud State campus or online, we encourage you to learn more about our program. Learn about our PSEO admission criteria download an application and begin the process of becoming a PSEO student!

Career and Technical (CTE) Course Options

Students who are interested in career and technical courses may take one career and technical college level course taught by a  college faculty member on a college campus, at their high school or online as early as grade 10. To be eligible to do so, they must be enrolled in a public school, have a minimum of a “proficient” score on the 8th grade Minnesota  Comprehensive Assessment (MCA) test for reading and meet the assessment prerequisites set for the course that must be met by all students. St. Cloud State does not currently participate in offering CTE courses, but our staff can connect you with campuses that offer the program. You can also visit the Minnesota State PSEO website for details.

Please note: The Minnesota Department of Education will only cover PSEO expenses billed by the institution(s) to which PSEO students have been admitted. PSEO students will be responsible for any tuition, fees, and supplies at any institution(s) to which they are not admitted. At St. Cloud State, students are required to be admitted into our program and participate in all required orientation activities.