Environmental/Occupational Safety and Health

On-line Safety Training

St. Cloud State is faced with the challenge of effectively training our workforce.  Assigning required training, tracking who needs training, who has completed training, whose training is past due, generating management reports, certificated of completion and more is required. St. Cloud State University has provided this training portal our employees are able to click on a link to connect to the training form this website.

Our web-based interactive training makes full use of interactive multimedia.  Our delivery method allows our workers to access the training from any GMW, Facilities Management, or supervisor PC connected to the Internet.  It uses full-motion video to teach the concepts.  All of the titles include course interactions that actively involve the learner in the instruction.  Lesson interactions provide the learner opportunities to apply what he or she has learned.  The computer assesses the learner’s level of understanding of all learning objectives.  When the learner answers a question incorrectly the computer provides remedial instruction and reviews the material until the learner can answer correctly.  All questions in the course are fully narrated.  Narrations enhance comprehension and are welcome support for learners with reading skill deficits and when English is the learner’s second language. St. Cloud State can add languages other than English and have many courses in Spanish and French. 

These training programs feature:

  • Powerful learner controls and interactions- gives learners’ control over the pace and direction of the training.  Controls include: skip forward; skip backward, reverse play, fast forward, glossary, and a video topical index.
  • Narrated questions – the system highlights the words as it needs them to help students that may need help with comprehension.
  • Narrated presentation- each course features full motion video and all of the course presentations are narrated.

Below are the instructions for access to the training website. Attached are PDF files with the individual and group training schedules along with the scheduled due dates of completion. We need to make a effort to meet these completion dates. These completion dates will ensure we meet our OSHA compliance obligations.

Instructions for Completing Online Safety Training

  • Go to the St. Cloud State website
  • Click on Faculty/Staff
  • Click on Occupational Safety and Health under Employee Services
  • Click on Online Safety Training in the left column
  • Click on link: http://convenience.mnlms.net/mnet/hlms/stcloudstateuniv1/tsvr
  • Type in your SCSU USER TECH ID # Note :without the Zero’s in front of the number
  • Retype you’re SCSU USER TECH ID # into the password blankNote :without the Zero’s in front of the number
  • To change your password in the future or at any time click on Preferences on top right of the page
  • Then click on Password Tab and enter your new password in both blanks and click Change Password
  • After your password has been changed click Return to Previous Page
  • Click on the course you are required to complete and follow the on-screen prompts