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St. Cloud State is committed to provide a safe environment for faculty, staff, students, outside contractors, and visitors of the College who to work with or around hazardous materials and to those areas of the campus which may be affected by presence of such materials. The management of hazardous materials through their acquisition, utilization, and storage stages is critical. This site provides  the overall requirements for the management of hazardous materials in all laboratories, work spaces, facilities, and other properties.

The purpose of the Hazardous Waste Management Plan is to prevent the procurement of hazardous materials and the creation of all hazardous waste, but if that cannot be accomplished, the campus must be able to minimize and properly dispose of the waste that is generated. St. Cloud State is required to manage hazardous wastes in a safe and environmentally sound manner by federal, state, and local regulations. As a generator of hazardous waste, we are responsible for ensuring that employees follow University guidelines concerning management and disposal of hazardous waste within the laboratory, shop or service areas.

St. Cloud State contracts with the University of Minnesota The Chemical Safety Day Program for disposal of hazardous waste products. The contract provides a cost-effective waste management program available to educational institutions and nonprofit organizations throughout the state of Minnesota. The CSDP works under the state hazardous waste contract and tailors the program to each customer's specific needs. Collected waste is processed at the Thompson Center for Environmental Management (TCEM) at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities campus. Ninety percent of the waste processed at the TCEM comes from the University system and ten percent is collected from schools, institutions, and agencies through the Chemical Safety Day Program.

St. Cloud State has the required Federal "EPA ID Number" in order to participate in the Chemical Safety Day Program. The EPA ID Number must be on all completed manifest forms.

Hazardous Waste documents are available to current St. Cloud State University faculty, staff and students through SharePoint:

  • Hazard Waste
  • Hazard Waste Generator Licenses
  • Infection Waste
  • Chemical Safety Day Program
  • Teir II Reporting
  • Forms
  • Resources

Hazardous Waste Documents
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