Environmental / Occupational Safety and Health

Material Safety Data Sheets

St. Cloud State maintains MSDS’s/SDS’s for each hazardous chemical using electronic access with a company called msdsMSDSonline®.  This MSDS/SDS’s system ensures that they are readily accessible during each work shift to employees when they are in their work area(s).

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS/SDS)

Data sheets containing information are required under part 5206.0700, subpart 2, or in accordance with Code of Federal Regulations, title 29, part 1910.1200 (g), regarding the physical, chemical and hazardous properties of a substance or mixture.  These sheets provide a summary of health and safety information on the chemical provided by the chemical manufacturer.  Information provided on a standard MSDS/SDS includes; product identification, potential health hazards including symptoms and routes of entry, physical properties, fire and explosion hazards, reactivity data, spill or leak procedures, emergency first aid for exposure, and protective equipment to be used. 

Instructions for the website:

1. Open website link above.

2. The "Search" tab gives you advanced tools to search your campus list of MSDSs/SDS. The single search field allows you to search by product details, including:

  • Product Name
  • Manufacturer
  • CAS#
  • Product Code
  • Synonyms
  • Ingredients
  • Ingredient CAS#
  • Document ID
  • UN/NA #

3. The Search Results screen will appear after you have enacted any MSDS/SDS search, whether you were coming from the single search field or one of the tabs.

4. Narrow results further refines your search to help find a St. Cloud State MSDS/SDS faster. Select the "Location" option and choose St. Cloud State University.

5. After selecting the PDF icon for a product, an Abobe window will open displaying the MSDS/SDS for the product. From here you can print the document, save it to your computer, and navigate through the document.

6. If you perform a search within our campus list and come up with zero results, contact Joe Teff, Safety Administrator, jmteff@stcloudstate.edu or 308-2145.

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