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The All Hazard COOP Plan is the result of a planning effort to facilitate assurance of the University’s preparedness and its capability to continue its performance of “primary critical functions” during extended interruptions that occur with or without warning. Extended interruptions can result from the effect of a man-made or natural disaster, pandemic or epidemic disease, accidents, commission of violent or destructive crime, utility failure, chemical spill or release, loss of supplies or transportation, severe weather or other disastrous events. These interruptions may be internal (caused by conditions or actions on the University campus) or external (caused by conditions or actions off of the University campus) and may affect the performance of primary critical functions directly or peripherally.

The COOP is not an emergency response plan; the COOP is a plan for recovering and resuming operational performance of primary critical functions that have sustained an interruption from some internal or external event, including some emergencies. Emergency response refers to action taken to protect people or property, in response to emergent events that present urgent, elevated, clear and present danger of injury, death or property destruction. COOP refers to a plan of action taken to recover and resume operations, in response to the anticipated and actual prolonged effect(s) of a primary critical function interruption.

This COOP is part of a 3-part All Hazards Plan that also includes:

Crisis Intervention Plan
Crisis Intervention as it pertains to the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities All Hazard Planning Architecture are those preparedness, response, recovery and mitigation efforts aimed at hazards involving a criminal act or other crisis situations.  While not specifically aimed at individual criminal acts, which unfortunately occur all too frequently, involving students/faculty/staff, these are situations which have the potential to result in mass injuries/fatalities and/or catastrophic property damage.

Emergency Preparedness Plan (EPP)
The EPP addresses major emergencies or disasters which can pose significant threats to public safety and/or health at Minnesota State Colleges and Universities.  Four general types of such events include:

  1. Natural disasters;
  2. Technical hazards;
  3. Civil emergencies; and
  4. National security events.

Emergency Preparedness documents are available to current St. Cloud State University faculty, staff and students through SharePoint:

  • All Hazards Plan
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Resources

Emergency Preparedness Documents
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