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Ergonomics is the study of the relationships among people, their activities, their equipment and their environment. It often involves workstation locations where an employee performs job duties. It includes furniture, equipment and environmental conditions related to the work area. Workstations include office and industrial environments.

Department supervisors, chair persons, deans, etc. will monitor the work areas of their staff to identify and correct ergonomic concerns. They will consult with the assigned Safety Administrator to identified ergonomic problems and associated needs. The Safety Administrator will investigate First Reports of Injury for potential ergonomics causes.

The campus/unit computer technology supervisor will review requests for computer equipment to determine the most effective ergonomic design.

Planning of all workstations and computer equipment will include ergonomic design considerations. Campus staff will consult with the assigned safety administrator when designing or modifying workstations.

More Information

Please see the DOER website Ergonomics section for additional information, forms and checklists: https://mn.gov/admin/government/risk/safety-loss-control/ergonomics/.

The pertinent forms are found under the heading 'Employee ergonomics employee self evaluation forms':

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Long Form


Office Ergonomics: Simple Solutions for comfort and safety video 

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