Multicultural Student Services

Education Abroad

St. Cloud State University has numerous programs for students wishing to earn credit while studying abroad. Education abroad experiences are becoming more important and more popular each year; about 300,000 U.S. students study overseas each year. 

Education abroad experiences offer students life changing personal growth experience coupled with valuable career skill development. International experience and global understanding is a critical component of the 21st century education and workforce, and studying abroad is highly valued by employers. 

The First Year Experience program offers four opportunities to study abroad in your freshman year.

Short Term Programs

Multicultural Student Services has proudly partnered with St. Cloud State Education Abroad to develop programs that introduce students to a wide variety of different cultures and environments throughout the world. 

These two short-term programs — South Africa and Laos/Thailand/Malaysia — were designed to connect black and Southeast Asian students with their ancestral roots and introduce students of other racial and cultural backgrounds to new cultures. These programs remain popular introductions to study abroad for underrepresented students today. 


This annual winter break trip gives students the opportunity to visit one of the most colorful and intellectually stimulating regions of the world.

During this trip to Southeast Asia, students have the chance to interact with area colleagues, as well as with people from Thailand and Laos. This study abroad program broadens a student’s perspective on international affairs and the world views of others; offers an analysis of race, ethnicity, class and gender from a transnational perspective; and creates a recognition, understanding and appreciation of the uniqueness and rich cultural heritage of the peoples of Southeast Asia.

South Africa

Students on the South Africa spring break trip spend  two to three weeks at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. 

Students will have an opportunity to visit the university and interact with students as well as visit many sites for which South Africa is known such as the prison that held Nelson Mandela for many years, Robben Island; a trip into the townships including schools and churches; a visit to a wild animal park.

This program allows students to visit three major cities in South Africa — Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth and Cape Town.