Multicultural Student Services

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Academic Services

Athletes for Success in the Classroom

Athletes for Success in the Classroom (ASC) is an academic support and development program located in the Richard R. Green House.  ASC and the Richard R. Green House are a part of the Department of Multicultural Student Services. The ASC program provides the academic support services necessary for today's student-athlete and underrepresented students at St. Cloud State in a supportive and flexible environment.

ACS offers:

  • On-site tutoring in a variety of subjects 
  • Academic advising strategies for successful test taking, note taking and reading
  • Instructor contacts by ASC staff that help monitor your academic progress

The ASC Program is open to all student-athletes and underrepresented students at St. Cloud State University. The program is housed in the Richard R. Green House which is across the street from the Education Building at 827 Fourth Ave. S. 

Undergraduate Academic Advising

Academic advisers in the Multicultural Academic Support Center, Centennial Hall 221, serve as liaisons between Advising & Student Transitions and the students we serve.    

You can visit with the undergraduate adviser to get help creating a class schedule, plan for the long term or ask questions about:

  • Your class schedule for the semester
  • General education requirements
  • Suspension appeals
  • An academic success plan 

College Possible

Catalyze is College Possible’s newest initiative to impact student persistence and success directly on college campuses. Using this partnership model, College Possible extends the reach of your campus’ existing student support services, increases student retention rates and closes the opportunity gap for students from low-income backgrounds. Our near-peer coaching model leverages the power of passionate, dedicated recent college graduates to offer advice and mentorship to students as they navigate the complex world of college completion. 

College Possible coaches are recent college graduates themselves, and many come from similar backgrounds as the students they serve. This allows them to relate to the perspectives and experiences of the students they mentor, creating a unique level of trust and accountability within the coaching relationship.

Your College Possible coach will help you:

  • Transitioning to college & connecting on campus
  • Planning your semester
  • Financial Aid & scholarships
  • Time management & study skills

Questions about College Possible?

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Precious Palmer

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