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June 14 - July 10, 2020

The Advanced Preparation Program (APP) is a summer bridge program for incoming first-year students who have been admitted to St. Cloud State. This demanding academic program provides you with opportunities to develop leadership skills and engage in activities that help you form friendships that will last a lifetime.

When you are in the Advanced Preparation Program, you will enroll in two college courses, attend informational seminars and experience college life. The program familiarizes you with the St. Cloud State campus, faculty and staff as you live and eat your meals on campus and enjoy activities with your fellow APP classmates.

During these unique times Phase I, which includes two college courses, academic support and development along with our informational seminars, will be delivered online.

You will receive an introduction to:

  • Financial Aid
  • Career Center
  • Campus Involvement
  • Library
  • First Year and Transition Program peer mentors
  • Residence hall living
  • Meal plans
  • Leadership Opportunities

If CDC and State of Minnesota guidelines allow Phase II of the program will begin July 5, we will have a short term program on the campus of St. Cloud State after completion of your two academic courses.  Phase II includes residence hall living, a meal plan as well as team building, leadership development and social activities.  We will keep you updated as we learn more about the potential implementation of Phase II.  Please stay tuned!


You will pay a $250 fee to attend the four-week program. Scholarships and financial aid fund the rest of the cost of tuition, fees, residence hall living, meals, textbooks and activities.


You’ll take two courses while participating in the Advanced Preparation Program. The classes will introduce you to college rigor and help you earn your first elective credits as a Husky.

English 184: Introduction to Literature

A study of imaginative literature to improve the understanding and increase enjoyment through reading, writing and discussion.

Ethnic Studies 111: Race in America

This is a stimulating, challenging and proactive course that will explore the contemporary meanings of race and ethnicity and examine how social, political, economic and cultural forces shape specifically those meanings.

It is designed to stimulate critical thinking and thoughtful discussion about the conflicts, contradictions and cultural convergences that define race and ethnic relations in the United States.