Department of Mass Communications


Internships (COMM 444) are not required for students, but they are highly recommended as part of the 6-8 elective credits required for all majors. Internships help students build a portfolio of professional work and a set of professional contacts that are important to getting a job in their chosen field.

Finding an internship

Students can find internships on their own or visit Career Center. The internship should be directly relevant to the students chosen field of mass media study and can be paid or unpaid experiences.

Steps to set up an internship

Once you have made arrangements with the host/employer for an internship you are ready to sign up for the class.

  • Contact the instructor of record (the internship coordinator) for the COMM 444 course about your intentions to sign up for the course. 
  • You cannot register for COMM 444 via e-services without speaking to the internship coordinator.
  • The internship coordinator will ask you to fill out a one-page form that provides information about where you will be working, who your supervisor is, your hours, nature of work, etc.
  • You also must register your internship with the Career Center. To do that, follow the instructions for How to report your Internship. Please log in and on the left side of the screen, click "Report an internship." Then select the term in which you are interning (spring, summer fall). After that click "Other" and follow the instructions to register. You cannot officially start your internship until you report it to Career Services.

Earning the Credits

Interns must email the internship coordinator weekly reports of what they did that week. Respond promptly to all emails from the internship coordinator during your internship. Be diligent. These are all important parts of your grade for this course. Your onsite boss’s assessment of your work always weighs heavily in the grade.

At the end of the internship you will be emailed a questionnaire about your experiences. Return it promptly.

Post a short public review of your internship on Facebook to help other students know good places to intern. 

Internship credit can be earned in fall, spring or summer terms. One internship credit roughly equals 50 hours of work. So a three credit internship would require 150 credits over a 15-week term or 10 hours per week. Internships usually consist of no more than three credits per term.